Monday, September 6, 2010

August 2010: Earnings Report

Welcome to my monthly edition of my previous month Earnings report.  Here you will find a snap shot of my earnings that I made last month, what went well, what didn't and what sites you can join to start receiving monthly passive income online.  Below is a table describing my August 2010 Earnings:

  Fusion Cash $24.26
  Treasure Trooper $7.00
  eHow Earnings $1.91
  ReadBud $5.05
  Inbox Dollars $3.44
  Cash Crate $0.00
  FireHow $0.16
  NeoBux $1.75
  Amazon Sales $2.70
  Swagbucks $15.00
  Big Crumbs $1.80
  People String $1.92
  Cashle $0.01
  SendEarnings $1.12
  ClixSense $2.07
  OnBux $1.61
     Total $69.80
  Shipping Fee $0.00
  NeoBux Fees $0.09
  OnBux Fees $0.06
     Total $0.15
Net Income $69.65

As you can see: Another SOLID month at Fusion Cash.  I tell you what - that is always one site I can count on that will earn me around $20-50 bucks each month, almost guaranteed.  If you haven't signed up yet - $5 Sign up Bonus for those that need to.  Swagbucks had another stellar month with $15 in bonus earnings, I receive either Amazon gift cards towards my textbooks or paypal deposits.  Also, Treasure trooper did alright, but could be better.

The downsides are Cash Crate.  I didn't spend time promoting or on that site at all for the previous month, which I will surely change this month of September.  I do enjoy the site, but just haven't been strengthening my presence there.  Also, the semester kicked back up in full swing a few weeks ago, I was in California for a week and I have also been working around 40 hours per week.  Therefore, my time of promotion and spending time to describe these sites to friends, relatives and online sites has dramatically declined which has hindered my performance.

In the month to come:  I will pull for similar earnings in FusionCash, Swagbucks, Readbud and TreasureTrooper.  I will improve my earnings in CashCrate with referrals and cash offers and I will also introduce two new websites this month as part of reviews.

I hope everyone's Labor Day is off to a great start!  Get out the grill, throw some burgers and dogs on and enjoy the beautiful day!  Talk to everyone soon, please comment below!

-Lanny B.