Friday, April 16, 2010

Online Money Site Review: Cashle

Hey Everyone - It's Friday and today I want to bring an Online Money Making Site that I use called Cashle.  It is very similar but very different in a lot of ways when standing it up next to the other GPT (Get Paid To) Sites.  Here is a breakdown of my stats/earnings so far:

So you can see I have made around $25 so far (1541 points = $15.41 and then add the cash)
I used the points to buy a book and I have withdrawn the cash
Proof 1        Proof 2

How do I earn?  Very Easy, here is another little breakdown:
Daily Clicks - You get around 20 - 30 daily clicks and they intertwine with 2 different websites.  Some are for Cashle, others are for Points2Shop <-- they are both the same except one is on a cash system and the other is on a point system.  Each click is worth one cent, so doing 30 per day for 30 days gives you about $9.00 that month already.
Daily Surveys - Like any other site you receive Daily Surveys, which can range from $.25 - $1.00 and there are multiple ones that you can do in a single day.
Free Offers - Similar to other sites I have spoken about, there are free offers that one can do, with earnings ranging from $.15 - $3.00 for free offers.  It is an excellent way to make some fast, free money!
Paid offers - Of course there are the higher payout offers if one would like to do paid offers.

So what Makes THEM different?  Easy - They offer games to play, where you can wager your points to earn even more through card games and others.  They have monthly contests that can be based on how many offers you completed, referrals you have received, merit points your team has came up with (Info on this below) etc.  It's a very cool way to earn more.  Also, after every offer you complete you get to spin a wheel to either earn more money, more points, more merit points or tickets to their prize drawings!

Merit Points - There are quests that you do throughout the site that earns you merit points.  When you have enough merit points, you can create/join a team that also has a lot of merit points.  Each month, they give cash/point prizes to the top teams with the most merit points - so that is just another way to earn some more money!

Does anyone else have great experience with the site?  I know I have so far, with the earnings from here, I have been able to purchase a book and cash out twice (which by the way, cashing out minimum is $1.00 if you do alert pay or paypal!!!!).  I hope you enjoy, and go earn that free money at Cashle!

-Lanny B

Monday, April 12, 2010

What to do after receiving Passive Income?

Many of us that have received passive income whether that be through real estate, stocks/dividends, online websites such as Fusion Cash and Cash Crate, do not have any idea what to do with the funds that we receive.  I will briefly go over a few options that one can do with it that is in a productive manner.

1.) If you are bringing in this income because you have many bills and debt - Pay Those off ASAP w/ the free money/passive income you are earning.  This only helps one becoming financially free from this stress burden.

2.) Purchase stocks, preferably a stock that is in line with your goals. Ex: If your goal is to receive income quarterly/annually from that stock, then purchase a dividend yielding stock.  or - Ex: If your goal is to hold and save until a later date, buy an index mutual fund of some sort.  I am not a financial advisor or a planner, but these are what some can do.

3.) Place them BACK into your online business.  Purchase ads or reinvest them to sites such as Neobux, do priced offers on Fusion Cash to receive higher payouts, purchase ad space on websites such as Link Referral.  The return is usually always far greater than what it costs.

4.) Save it.  Save it for an emergency fund of some sort.  I recommend checking out my Bank Bonuses and Deals blog to see what banks are giving out to have you as a customer.  This is nice to have for any tragic situation, if one were to occur.

5.) For the Student: College Tuition and Books.  There is nothing better than receiving books for free and finding crazy ways to help fund your tuition.  I am using my funds from Fusion Cash and Inbox dollars to help purchase books and pay for a few credit hours.  Gotta love it!

These are just 5 little ways of being able to use the money that we are receiving from online sources.  What you do is your business, I simply am just describing ways that are very productive and can relieve stress and worry from your mind and shoulders.   I am curious, what does everyone do with their earnings?  Spend it? Save it? Place it in their investment plan?  Please, please post below!  Have a great monday all!

-Lanny B.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fusion Cash - New & Improved Post

Free Money at FusionCash!
How are you all doing?  Sorry for the week+ long Hiatus I was on, lost my website for a week but it is back : )

As you can see I have made over $130+ from my banner up top in just a few short months, doing virtually nothing!
Anyways, I wanted to update everyone on my Favorite site to earn income online: Fusion Cash.  This by far is amazing and me just signing up, and doing the bonuses every month you can receive: $9.25; see my video regarding the bonuses -> Fusion Cash Video on Bonuses.  I just had to post another article about this, because I feel so many people are on so many different programs but are getting hassled by them, but this is one is BBB credited and has paid me twice: Payment Proof 1 is to the right ==>

My 3rd cashout of $50.01 is on its way and will arrive in my paypal b/w April 18-22nd.  I have so far received 2 payments of $33.80 and $31.80, add those 3 up and that is well over $110.  I also have over $15+ that is building up for my upcoming cashout, which I hope to place by the end of this month, so I can be paid in May.  Just look at the total above on my toolbar, honestly the less work that I do, the more it seems to just keep growing, I think this is also known as passive income?  The less time you spend and if you are making equal or more income does equal this passive force! Sign up for Fusion cash to receive a $5.00 Bonus!

<== Payment Proof 2

April Review: It has been just wonderful and amazing the additions that Fusion Cash has implemented the last 2 weeks.  They now have a twitter, and if you follow them you get money.  They now have surprise and mystery promotions, where you can earn right there on the spot.  They now have new, special free offers tab that allows you to earn even more on this site.  Offers usually pay up to $20.00.
Bonuses again, Sign up = $5.00, Post 30x in the forum (Old buddy has described this as 30 "clicks" - which is true) = $3.00, Facebook Fan = $1.00, Post a Pic Payment = $1.00 and the list just goes on with the potential you can earn.  If you gain a referral = $1.00, they do an offer = $2.00, they cash out = $5.00, honestly it JUST DOESNT GET ANY BETTER!! $5.00 Sign up Bonus Now!

What are you waiting for?!?! Get over to Fusion Cash and start earning that free money.  You start out with a $5.00 bonus and that is the best bonus ratio to cash out I have seen yet.  You know where to find me, simply message or contact me and I will help you along the way.  Enjoy!
-Lanny B

Free Money at FusionCash!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Website Grader - Analyzing Your Blog/Website

Pat Flynn over at his Smart Passive Income blog described in an earlier post about using the Website Grader tool from Hub Stop and to receive an analysis on your blog and/or website.  I did so when he first introduce his post and wow was I embarrassed and surprised.  My Website Grade was ....
a low 28.

I could have taken this grade in a very negative way, but instead, I read what and why I was graded so and what I could do to improve.  Well, I just submitted it again and my score has jumped tremendously.  Let's say it went from 28 and in less than a month jumped all the way to 62!!  Wow!  Incredible!  Here is my picture of my grader:
The Website Grade for!

 I am so excited!  I want to thank everyone that has been here since the beginning back in middle of February.  My blog is a complete 180 degrees different than it was from when I first started.  Also, my online income earnings was great at just about $222, not bad!  (To check that out click: March 2010 Earnings) Some of you may now think, What did I have to do to improve my score 34 points!? Well here is my breakdown:

1.) Retweet Function - I added the retweet function to my blog posts.  This shows that it is getting around different social networking sites and that people are spreading my blog - those that are spreading, Thank you!  If you'd like to follow me, I am at @LannyB3123 , Follow me up!

2.) Metatag - I added Metatag to my blog layout, such as description, keywords, title, author etc.  This allows me to be picked up by google search results.

3.) Consistent Posts - I increased my posts and remained consistent throughout the month.  This helped have more pages on my blog and to have more "oomph" behind my website.  It is true that the more you post about what you enjoy, the better your site will be and the more traffic you will receive!  Post Often!

4.) Traffic - Tying into my last one, I have received so much more traffic this month!  That probably has to do with removing many google ads I had on here, cleaning up my template majorly and also taking out and customizing my widgets on my side bar.  I highly recommend not only having great and a lot of content, but also creating something that is pleasing to the eye.  If there is something that is not pleasing to your eye when reading my blog PLEASE post it below so I can fix it : ) Thanks!

5.) Pages - I have my sub pages at the top of my blog as you can see.  This is just another criteria they grade by and thus I created them and the template I am using makes it look much more professional and stands out so much before than earlier.

Okay, so those are 5 big reasons.  Well 62 is still a VERY LOW score, and I love receiving high grades, so what could I do now to up that grade?  Well, I am on google's blogger and that received some points being knocked off.  Since this is a free and hosted domain and includes .blogspot at the end of my site, it does bring my site down.  I therefore, within the coming weeks, probably move my site or purchase the domain - I will keep you updated on that.  Also, I need to keep posting.  I need to keep pouring my heart out on these posts!  I also need to build my followers to this blog, whether that be through posting more, having more twitter followers and/or other marketing techniques, I simply need more traffic.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog post on Easter Sunday!  I hope everyone was able to celebrate the Lord's day, I was able to go to Mass this morning at 7:30 Am (trust me I am feeling the effects of waking up early right now!).  I hope everyone had a great weekend and please post below on what else I can do to improve my blog!  Thanks!

-Lanny B.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010: Earnings Summary Report

Hey Everyone!  March has ended and April has begun!  The weather is shining, it's already 60 degrees here in NorthEast Ohio and well, better yet, I have my earnings summary report for the month to show you!!  This earnings report will be the first compilation of everything that I had done in the Month of March, which is different from the other 2 earnings statement strictly on google adsense alone.  I hope you all enjoy, the month of March was a great one!  Here is the breakdown:

  Fusion Cash $50.01
  eHow Earnings $15.09
  Google Adsense $59.73
  Inbox Dollars $29.62
  Cash Crate $22.24
  FireHow $0.46
  NeoBux $4.32
  Amazon Sales $18.97
  eBay Sales $0.00
  Swagbucks $5.00
  Big Crumbs $10.78
  People String $1.03
  Cashle $5.00
  SendEarnings $7.39
     Total $229.64

  Shipping Fees $7.71
     Total $7.71
Net Income $221.93

Wow!  That is all I have to say.  A nice $222 for the month of March is extremely nice!  I just started keeping a compilation report, but if one had to guess, I think that is around $75-100 more than February without a doubt!  What is so nice is that most of the earnings that are large are from less and less work and less and less time, which is really what Passive Income is truly about.  

What did I do different?  I created a different template for my blog which is more eye appealing, I used Pat Flynn's advice on creating a Favicon for my blog and was able to use other people's advice for blog suggestions.  Well, once I had a good base set in for a few of my sites such as Fusion Cash, Google Adsense, eHow and Inbox Dollars, I was able to place more focus on other sites to get those going as well such as Cash Crate, Send Earnings and Neobux.  I have created referrals and will hopefully transfer to an autopilot type mentality for those ones in this upcoming month.  As we all know, placing hard and focused efforts in at the beginning will bring wonderful results, just as we here in Northeast Ohio battle rough winters - the spring bells are ringing and flowers are blossoming (cliche I know!)  How did everyone else do this month?  I hope you saw a nice increase and were pleased with your results.  What had worked for you?  Feel free to post below and/or message me!  Thanks for checking this out!

-Lanny B.