Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010: Earnings Summary Report

Hey Everyone!  March has ended and April has begun!  The weather is shining, it's already 60 degrees here in NorthEast Ohio and well, better yet, I have my earnings summary report for the month to show you!!  This earnings report will be the first compilation of everything that I had done in the Month of March, which is different from the other 2 earnings statement strictly on google adsense alone.  I hope you all enjoy, the month of March was a great one!  Here is the breakdown:

  Fusion Cash $50.01
  eHow Earnings $15.09
  Google Adsense $59.73
  Inbox Dollars $29.62
  Cash Crate $22.24
  FireHow $0.46
  NeoBux $4.32
  Amazon Sales $18.97
  eBay Sales $0.00
  Swagbucks $5.00
  Big Crumbs $10.78
  People String $1.03
  Cashle $5.00
  SendEarnings $7.39
     Total $229.64

  Shipping Fees $7.71
     Total $7.71
Net Income $221.93

Wow!  That is all I have to say.  A nice $222 for the month of March is extremely nice!  I just started keeping a compilation report, but if one had to guess, I think that is around $75-100 more than February without a doubt!  What is so nice is that most of the earnings that are large are from less and less work and less and less time, which is really what Passive Income is truly about.  

What did I do different?  I created a different template for my blog which is more eye appealing, I used Pat Flynn's advice on creating a Favicon for my blog and was able to use other people's advice for blog suggestions.  Well, once I had a good base set in for a few of my sites such as Fusion Cash, Google Adsense, eHow and Inbox Dollars, I was able to place more focus on other sites to get those going as well such as Cash Crate, Send Earnings and Neobux.  I have created referrals and will hopefully transfer to an autopilot type mentality for those ones in this upcoming month.  As we all know, placing hard and focused efforts in at the beginning will bring wonderful results, just as we here in Northeast Ohio battle rough winters - the spring bells are ringing and flowers are blossoming (cliche I know!)  How did everyone else do this month?  I hope you saw a nice increase and were pleased with your results.  What had worked for you?  Feel free to post below and/or message me!  Thanks for checking this out!

-Lanny B. 

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