Sunday, June 6, 2010

Payment Proof Update/Post!

Hey All!  How is the summer going?  I wanted to take the time and post some of my payments I have received during the last few weeks, show the proof of the sites that I work on and also to further motivate my viewers and myself to reach for new goals/heights!

Fusion Cash Payment #4, Paid on May 20, 2010.  Amount: $28.09
Wow!  My 4th Consecutive payment from Fusion Cash!  Got to love them, they are my favorite, as I have earned: Check the Banner -->
 Free Money at FusionCash!
I am loving their bonuses.  Everyone receives a $5.00 sign up bonus for clicking Here and the referral, monthly bonuses are phenomenal.  More info on Fusion Cash click here --> Post!

Inbox Dollars Payment #1, Paid on June 4, 2010.  Amount $29.20
My first payment from Inbox Dollars!  They are awesome, paid e-mails, paid toolbar searches, you literally are earning money everyday, especially if you have built a downline!

I am now a Golden Member, which allows me to receive faster payments and I can receive them on a weekly basis instead of monthly!  Cha Ching!  Check out my Inbox Dollars Post here --> Post!!

Cashle Payment #3, Paid on June 3, 2010.  Amount $2.50 (quick payment!)
This was a quick payment that I received to show my friend that this was a true site and they do pay.  I am actually a Gold Member here, which is the 4th ranking out of the, 5 or 6 ranks you can achieve.  Therefore, I receive instant payouts as soon as I want to cash out.  He now believes and is earning money himself.  I am enjoying cashle as they have daily clicks and you can either earn money or cash out points towards Amazon.  I think I posted a few months ago on the site over here -->  Post!!!

Payments to Come:
At least a $50 payment from Treasure Trooper, as I also have a dedicated Post for them.  I also am expecting ANOTHER FusionCash payment this month around the 20th in the amount of over $51 as well!  Also, I should be receiving a Moola payment this month between the $20-30 range, I shall post when that is delivered.  Some of these payments are paypal direct and some do it the old-fashioned check way, either which way doesn't matter to me, as it is all free passive income that I am earning online!

I hope that you enjoyed this post.  I wanted to share the users of my blog actual proof of the work that gets put in and the rewards that you receive from an online based income.  These are all real and if anyone has any questions please message me.  Also, be sure to check out my Payment Proofs page, as I update that more often than making a special post on the matter!  Talk to you all soon!

-Lanny B.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May 2010: Earnings Report

Greetings all!!!!  I have returned!  I will describe below my earnings why it has been a much long drought from my recent posting in May.  I feel as though I should share with you my earnings for May 2010!!  Bottomline, Fusion Cash and Treasure Trooper ROCK!!!  Between the two I made over $74!  Pretty nice pocket change wouldn't you say?  MORE CONTINUED BELOW EARNINGS....

  Fusion Cash $51.58
  Treasure Trooper $23.85
  eHow Earnings $1.35
  Inbox Dollars $1.81
  Cash Crate $3.88
  FireHow $0.08
  NeoBux $2.79
  Amazon Sales $22.36
  eBay Sales $0.00
  Swagbucks $10.00
  Big Crumbs $1.77
  People String $1.84
  Cashle $0.15
  SendEarnings $1.72
  Cash 4 Free $0.00
  HYIFund $0.40
     Total $123.58
  Amaz. Shipping Fee $7.71
  NeoBux Fees $0.49
     Total $8.20
Net Income $115.38

Why I Haven't Posted Recently
Not to make ANY excuses on why I haven't posted recently, but I feel I have some valid reasons.  Earlier when I was making my frequent posts of 3-4 times per week, I was only working a real job around 2 days per week and taking graduate courses at night (see my MBA Blog!).  Around mid-April, I have received a new, immediate position at a local parish in Akron Ohio as the Office Manager.  Therefore, I went from working about 5 hours per week to about 40+ hours per week, and not to mention, I am one of the coaches for grades 3-8 track team and we just finished our season in Mid-May. I want to apologize for my delays, I will be thinking creatively for new posts for the upcoming weeks here in June!  

Explanation of Earnings
My earnings declined $16.26 from April, a 12.3% dip.  I know, usually the panic signs begin to throw up if that happens, but I am sitting here SMILING about my May earnings.  Why? As stated above, I worked about 8x more than what I currently was working (as an employee) and I was still able to bring over $100, which has been my goal since the beginning of January (to bring $100 a month from online earnings).  How is that possible that I wasn't available 800% more because of work but my earnings dipped only 12%?  Easy.  Passive Income Streams!!  I did MUCH LESS work for my above earnings, yet they are still solid, and if you dollar wise, $16 dip isn't bad at all, considering I MORE THAN made that up working as an employee.  Fusion Cash and Treasure Trooper have surged, I am receiving another payment from the former of $51 and change and from the latter my check will be $50.85 as well (it accumulated from prior months), all while doing MUCH less : )  That is what I call passive income: less work you do, the more you make (efficiently for sure).  

This Month
As they say, why continually work with the same thing expecting a different result?  I will be focusing now on those two sites stated above, because that is where 65% of my net income came from!  I will also be cashing out more often on NeoBux because I think that is a great site, one I will review on as my next post, and the offer instant cash outs!

In Conclusion
How did you all end up finishing for the month of May?  Anything work/didn't work for you?  Please share below and I appreciate you stopping by!  Thanks!

-Lanny B