Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May 2010: Earnings Report

Greetings all!!!!  I have returned!  I will describe below my earnings why it has been a much long drought from my recent posting in May.  I feel as though I should share with you my earnings for May 2010!!  Bottomline, Fusion Cash and Treasure Trooper ROCK!!!  Between the two I made over $74!  Pretty nice pocket change wouldn't you say?  MORE CONTINUED BELOW EARNINGS....

  Fusion Cash $51.58
  Treasure Trooper $23.85
  eHow Earnings $1.35
  Inbox Dollars $1.81
  Cash Crate $3.88
  FireHow $0.08
  NeoBux $2.79
  Amazon Sales $22.36
  eBay Sales $0.00
  Swagbucks $10.00
  Big Crumbs $1.77
  People String $1.84
  Cashle $0.15
  SendEarnings $1.72
  Cash 4 Free $0.00
  HYIFund $0.40
     Total $123.58
  Amaz. Shipping Fee $7.71
  NeoBux Fees $0.49
     Total $8.20
Net Income $115.38

Why I Haven't Posted Recently
Not to make ANY excuses on why I haven't posted recently, but I feel I have some valid reasons.  Earlier when I was making my frequent posts of 3-4 times per week, I was only working a real job around 2 days per week and taking graduate courses at night (see my MBA Blog!).  Around mid-April, I have received a new, immediate position at a local parish in Akron Ohio as the Office Manager.  Therefore, I went from working about 5 hours per week to about 40+ hours per week, and not to mention, I am one of the coaches for grades 3-8 track team and we just finished our season in Mid-May. I want to apologize for my delays, I will be thinking creatively for new posts for the upcoming weeks here in June!  

Explanation of Earnings
My earnings declined $16.26 from April, a 12.3% dip.  I know, usually the panic signs begin to throw up if that happens, but I am sitting here SMILING about my May earnings.  Why? As stated above, I worked about 8x more than what I currently was working (as an employee) and I was still able to bring over $100, which has been my goal since the beginning of January (to bring $100 a month from online earnings).  How is that possible that I wasn't available 800% more because of work but my earnings dipped only 12%?  Easy.  Passive Income Streams!!  I did MUCH LESS work for my above earnings, yet they are still solid, and if you dollar wise, $16 dip isn't bad at all, considering I MORE THAN made that up working as an employee.  Fusion Cash and Treasure Trooper have surged, I am receiving another payment from the former of $51 and change and from the latter my check will be $50.85 as well (it accumulated from prior months), all while doing MUCH less : )  That is what I call passive income: less work you do, the more you make (efficiently for sure).  

This Month
As they say, why continually work with the same thing expecting a different result?  I will be focusing now on those two sites stated above, because that is where 65% of my net income came from!  I will also be cashing out more often on NeoBux because I think that is a great site, one I will review on as my next post, and the offer instant cash outs!

In Conclusion
How did you all end up finishing for the month of May?  Anything work/didn't work for you?  Please share below and I appreciate you stopping by!  Thanks!

-Lanny B 


  1. Well done Lanny, It has been a bit since I came over to check you out, it is good to see things are going well for you

  2. You are the man! Thank you for the comment, I am glad that you happened to stop by. It's funny, I saw your comment after I was done catching up on your blog posts !!

  3. Your blog is looking really good. I like the template a lot! And thank you for reading my posts. Catch ya around.

  4. Thanks! I have put SO much time and effort into continually learning and getting more experience with the web and I hope it has been paying off! Thanks for stopping by again!