Sunday, December 19, 2010

Staying On Top of On Bux!

This article review is for Onbux.Com It is an extremely easy Get Paid to Click website that has the normal features of getting paid to watch 30 second advertisements, referring others and you can even rent referrals on the program.

I have cashed out a few times on, but nothing really substantial, a simple few dollars here and a few dollars there. For payment proofs of OnBux please go to my Payment Proof Page. I like because it is simple, no-mental consumption of energy and referrals can really do wonders for you to make this a passive vehicle. However, when I first started out, I wanted to do all the clicking to make sure it was legit when I cashed out, to make sure no viruses were created and to make sure that it was consistent with paying out. Also, the best part of OnBux is that it pays instantly to your payout. No joke. Literally, within seconds you will have the money in your paypal to use at your leisure, it is extremely nice!

Referrals: You receive exactly what your direct referral earns. So if they earn 4 cents you earn 4 cents, etc. If you rent your referrals by using a small portion of your accumulated earnings or by using paypal, you receive half of what they earn. The obvious difference is that with direct referrals you find your friends, family, members on a forum etc to sign up, but with rented referrals - you rent them for a certain time and all you have to have is some amount of accumulated earnings.

I would recommend to add to your current selection of your Get Paid to Click websites, as it is consistent, pays instantaneously and is legitimate.  With a referral based, both direct and/or rented, you can build an easy passive income stream, as your referrals will find out how easy it is to click ads and get paid to view them for 30 seconds.  I use these payments as a way to curb investment brokerage fees when I do trading online etc.  The small payments I use therefore serve a meaningful purpose in my income journey.  Feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions!  Thank you.

-Lanny B.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 2010 Earnings

Here is my November 2010 Earnings SnapShot:

Fusion Cash $23.18
Treasure Trooper $4.55
eHow Earnings $5.12
ReadBud $24.50
Inbox Dollars $2.58
Cash Crate $1.00
FireHow $0.18
NeoBux $1.57
Amazon Sales $0.00
Swagbucks $15.00
Big Crumbs $5.96
People String $1.02
Cashle $0.00
SendEarnings $2.12
ClixSense $2.72
OnBux $1.26

     Total $90.76

From what I can see, this was an actually better than usual month for me, as I have been working 40 or so hours per week at a "real" job and am a Full Time Graduate Student.  Therefore, all of these extra earnings from Online, are just that - Extra.  This is nice "change" for me to use for investment purposes or to help on any other business objectives.  I haven't posted my October results, but I can say that Fusion Cash was back to its original self this past month, with over $20 in earnings and Readbud continues to amaze me with over $20 as well.  Swagbucks was very solid, as I have a great referral base there, and the passive income online stream I receive from that has been nice and consistent.

What is to come?  Well, I feel like I am back and ready to crank out better earnings then ever.  I really do, I know the months of August through October, I really deviated away from my passive income online approach and really didn't tend to any of it online, and sort of put my endeavors on the "back burner".  This month of December I will be coming out with new articles more frequently in the past, letting readers know what works, what doesn't, what has been paid to me with proof of pictures and all that.  Here goes the month of December!!!  Talk to everyone soon and keep at it!

-Lanny B.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Payment from Fusion Cash!

Hey Everyone! ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to briefly share with everyone that I received another payment from Fusion Cash in the amount of $45.24.  Here is a picture of Payment.  I am just extremely happy with that source of cash, because it is so consistent, easy and fast.  For other payments go Here.

I instantly receive it directly to paypal.  My new goal with my online earnings is to use that as another investment tool by purchasing dividend yielding stocks (another source of cash flow).  This is because I am buying assets that produce cash and that is my overall goal.  To develop more income streams from other income streams!  Also - I may use some of my funding from online to purchase option contracts, because I have taken classes on them and my friend from High School has been extremely excited about the potential profits from that.

Either which way - if you haven't signed up for Fusion Cash, please do so ASAP!  You receive $5 for signing up and it's a great way to build a passive income stream.  You can use this passive income stream to purchase others mean of cash flow via assets such as stocks, real estate, etc. - assets that can produce cash flow and have room for appreciation is key.  Sign up Here if you'd like and start earning the money!

-Lanny B.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Have Cashed out on Readbud

Hey Everyone,

I have officially cashed out over the $50 threshold on Readbud.  If you all remember my Readbud Review post, it is a way where you click and read articles and get paid a little bid for reading each one.  It is fairly easy to gain on this website, as daily there are articles.  I will post payment as soon as it comes through, states that it takes 30 days.

I have come to realize how Readbud operates.
-If you are under a certain amount, say $20, you receive a huge load of articles per day, almost to the point where it is extremely easy to make $3-$5 per day from just articles alone.
-However, if you are over the $20/$25 mark, you will begin to receive less and less articles per day, which makes it take a little bit longer to reach the $50 threshold
-Once you are over $40, articles are extremely scarce.  You may receive 2-3 articles per day, which at that pace would typically take a few more weeks just to make it to $50, as articles range from $.03 - $.15.

I still do highly recommend checking out Readbud, as it is a free site to join and an easy way to earn some pocket cash on the side of other online income sources.  I have 4 referrals on there, that are currently at around $30-$40, which I will receive $5 once they reach the $50 threshold and cash out.  That is a great way to help in your passive income journey!

Thank you and Enjoy!

-Lanny B.

Monday, September 6, 2010

August 2010: Earnings Report

Welcome to my monthly edition of my previous month Earnings report.  Here you will find a snap shot of my earnings that I made last month, what went well, what didn't and what sites you can join to start receiving monthly passive income online.  Below is a table describing my August 2010 Earnings:

  Fusion Cash $24.26
  Treasure Trooper $7.00
  eHow Earnings $1.91
  ReadBud $5.05
  Inbox Dollars $3.44
  Cash Crate $0.00
  FireHow $0.16
  NeoBux $1.75
  Amazon Sales $2.70
  Swagbucks $15.00
  Big Crumbs $1.80
  People String $1.92
  Cashle $0.01
  SendEarnings $1.12
  ClixSense $2.07
  OnBux $1.61
     Total $69.80
  Shipping Fee $0.00
  NeoBux Fees $0.09
  OnBux Fees $0.06
     Total $0.15
Net Income $69.65

As you can see: Another SOLID month at Fusion Cash.  I tell you what - that is always one site I can count on that will earn me around $20-50 bucks each month, almost guaranteed.  If you haven't signed up yet - $5 Sign up Bonus for those that need to.  Swagbucks had another stellar month with $15 in bonus earnings, I receive either Amazon gift cards towards my textbooks or paypal deposits.  Also, Treasure trooper did alright, but could be better.

The downsides are Cash Crate.  I didn't spend time promoting or on that site at all for the previous month, which I will surely change this month of September.  I do enjoy the site, but just haven't been strengthening my presence there.  Also, the semester kicked back up in full swing a few weeks ago, I was in California for a week and I have also been working around 40 hours per week.  Therefore, my time of promotion and spending time to describe these sites to friends, relatives and online sites has dramatically declined which has hindered my performance.

In the month to come:  I will pull for similar earnings in FusionCash, Swagbucks, Readbud and TreasureTrooper.  I will improve my earnings in CashCrate with referrals and cash offers and I will also introduce two new websites this month as part of reviews.

I hope everyone's Labor Day is off to a great start!  Get out the grill, throw some burgers and dogs on and enjoy the beautiful day!  Talk to everyone soon, please comment below!

-Lanny B.