Sunday, December 19, 2010

Staying On Top of On Bux!

This article review is for Onbux.Com It is an extremely easy Get Paid to Click website that has the normal features of getting paid to watch 30 second advertisements, referring others and you can even rent referrals on the program.

I have cashed out a few times on, but nothing really substantial, a simple few dollars here and a few dollars there. For payment proofs of OnBux please go to my Payment Proof Page. I like because it is simple, no-mental consumption of energy and referrals can really do wonders for you to make this a passive vehicle. However, when I first started out, I wanted to do all the clicking to make sure it was legit when I cashed out, to make sure no viruses were created and to make sure that it was consistent with paying out. Also, the best part of OnBux is that it pays instantly to your payout. No joke. Literally, within seconds you will have the money in your paypal to use at your leisure, it is extremely nice!

Referrals: You receive exactly what your direct referral earns. So if they earn 4 cents you earn 4 cents, etc. If you rent your referrals by using a small portion of your accumulated earnings or by using paypal, you receive half of what they earn. The obvious difference is that with direct referrals you find your friends, family, members on a forum etc to sign up, but with rented referrals - you rent them for a certain time and all you have to have is some amount of accumulated earnings.

I would recommend to add to your current selection of your Get Paid to Click websites, as it is consistent, pays instantaneously and is legitimate.  With a referral based, both direct and/or rented, you can build an easy passive income stream, as your referrals will find out how easy it is to click ads and get paid to view them for 30 seconds.  I use these payments as a way to curb investment brokerage fees when I do trading online etc.  The small payments I use therefore serve a meaningful purpose in my income journey.  Feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions!  Thank you.

-Lanny B.


  1. Another way to make a passive income is with Gomez Peer. Gomez Peer is a web monitoring service program that runs in the background of your windows computer. Every once in a while, it processes data from web monitoring and sends it back to the server. You will be paid according to the number of minutes of Real Time Processing that is done.


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