Saturday, May 8, 2010

Money Online Site Review: Treasure Trooper

Hey Everyone, It's Lanny and I am back with another awesome make money online site review!  Today on the agenda is: Treasure Trooper.

As of 5/8/10, I have accumulated over $40 (see above!) without spending much time over there.  I am on Treasure Trooper probably about 2 minutes per day.  How am I receiving this money, is the question like always, correct?  Here is a break down that I will do: Cash Clicks, Cash Offers, Referrals. 3 Very easy, simply steps to earn money at Treasure Trooper and a way to pump another Passive Income stream to your bank account.

1.) Cash Clicks.  Every 24 hours, on Treasure Trooper you may do, at the moment, 24 total cash clicks that are worth 5 cents a piece.  That equates out to $1.20 guaranteed per day.  Multiply that by 30 = $36 per month from cash clicks!  These take about 2 minutes (what I normally do) per day so it is a fairly nice pay for the amount of time : )  Which is EXACTLY what we want to do!

2.) Cash Offers.  Similar to Fusion Cash and Cash Crate, you have FREE cash offers you can do to increase your cash balance on Treasure Trooper.  These are simply surveys or other sites to join and the pay ranges from $0.25 - $3.00.  Very easy, Very Fast and Great Income.  You can sort them by most popular (easiest to credit) and knock them down.  Treasure Trooper also offers a "Quarter Bin" section, which has MANY offers that are worth a quarter that have a 99% success rate!  Very Nice!

3.) Referrals!  Of course, a GPT site wouldn't be one without a current referral structure.  What sets Treasure Trooper apart from Fusion Cash specifically?  Referral structure of TWO LEVELS deep.  You receive 20% of your referrals earnings from level 1 and 5% from your referral's referrals.  Extremely generous and beneficial.  This is where the Passive Income stream is built.  If you refer 5 people and THEY refer 5 people each.  That is a total of 30 people in your downline that you are receiving free money from!

Those are the THREE main points on Treasure Trooper.  They also have fun games like Treasure Hunts, Treasure Journal searches and other exciting activities that allow you to earn SO much more!  What are you waiting for?  There is free money to be made and you better go get it!  Sign up now for Treasure Trooper!  As always, message me if you have any questions - That is what I am here for, I want you to succeed and experience the benefits of free money from home!  Thanks and Enjoy!  Anyone have any other similar experience?  Post below!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 2010: Earnings Summary Report

Hey Everyone (I know I have been on another hiatus, I have been working and doing school work non-stop lately and haven't had time to post!), April has ended and since it is the end, I decided to post my April Earnings for the month!  My passive income online was below what March had performed but there are a few reasons behind this, which I will describe below.

  Fusion Cash $28.09
  eHow Earnings $1.78
  Inbox Dollars $4.58
  Cash Crate $3.99
  FireHow $0.25
  NeoBux $3.96 Sales $42.40
  eBay Sales $0.00
  Swagbucks $5.00
  Big Crumbs $0.00
  People String $5.82
  Cashle $6.82
  SendEarnings $1.69
  Cash 4 Free $10.16
  HYIFund $3.30
  Treasure Trooper $21.70
     Total $139.54
  Amaz. Shipping Fee $5.53
  NeoBux Referral Fees $2.50
     Total $8.03
Net Income $131.51

As you can see it dropped by about $90 in residuals from last month.  Why and how did it drop?  Well if you haven't notice, I REMOVED GOOGLE ADSENSE!  That is the first difference.  I removed them because I received some weird violation - which I really have no idea what I did, and I received complaints from visitors saying the ads were distracting them from visiting my blog - what could I do about that? Well remove the google ads, so I did.  Also, there was a SHARP decline in eHow earnings, and if anyone doesn't know, eHow was taken pretty much over by Demand Studios and removed about 50% of my articles on eHow's website.  We shall see if I apply to write for Demand Studios or not, maybe once I am settled in after my semester of graduate school is completely over. sales were up, I found a few awesome new sites as you can see above with the larger earnings.  That is what it is truly about - testing out sites, if you fail - well you at least learned what has worked and what does not.  It is all fun and games to me though, because it is all free passive income online that I am receiving.  I expect this month of May to reach around the $200 mark again, because I will be able to devote more time to posting, promotion and people.  People is the most important part.  Trying to spread the good news of the capabilities of the internet is what is ultimately important.  I thank everyone who has visited my blog these last few months and May 2010 should be a wonderful month of new posts, website reviews, making money online and having fun!  I wish everyone a great weekend and best of luck on all your endeavors!

-Lanny B.

P.S. - How many were effected by the eHow change?  Anyone have a similar experience to Google Ads?  Let me know!  Thanks!