Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Passive Income Topic: Dividend Investing

Hey Everyone!  It has been awhile since I have made a post, as I was in Chicago for 4 days ~ I am definitely not complaining though.  I would like to talk about a source of passive income in Dividend Investing.  I want to state that I do not recommend any of this to those that are weary or do not know much about investing, as it takes time to learn and study such topics, I simply am explaining what I have done and am doing.  Thank you.

Most people are afraid of the risk involved in the stock market - there can be risk, but only risk to the uneducated non-financial literate person.  I have began studying ways to receive other passive income routes and have stumbled on Dividend paying stocks.

A dividend, for those that do not know, are earnings shared by a corporation given back to the shareholders of stock in that corporation.  Some pay one annual dividend, others (Majority) pay quarterly dividends so that you receive 4 payments every year.  Example: One stock I own, I have 30 shares and their dividend yield is 60 cents per share. That is $18 and I will receive that every quarter or 4 times per year.

I am going to be purchasing dividend paying stocks with all of my free online money from Fusion Cash, Cash Crate, Inbox Dollars and other sites that I receive passive income from.  Therefore, I am investing with money I am willing to lose because it was free to begin with.  Of course I do my due diligence, I study probably from 50-100 different companies and narrow down my choices before purchasing their stock, so I ultimately want to win.

With dividend paying stocks they are taxed in a lower tax bracket then your normal income, because it is portfolio income.  In fact, this year, if you fall into the 2 lowest tax brackets and the dividends are qualified, you are not taxed at all!  Everything else would be 15% taxed, the tax codes are changing for 2011 however.

To conclude: Dividend Paying stocks are a great way to receive checks every quarter or every year and you really don't have to do much besides doing your homework and choosing the right stock to begin.  You can reinvest those dividends to purchase more of the stock to receive even more dividends in the future or you can use them on whatever you like.  There are tax advantages to them as well.  I wish you the best of luck on your journey, for free money sites that I use to invest go here: Passive Income Websites.   Thank you.

Again, I do not recommend any of this as I am not certified or a financial advisor.  I simply am explaining what I am doing and how I am doing it.  If anyone has any questions feel free to comment or message me.  Thanks.

-Lanny B.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Education and It's Importance to Passive Income

Hey everyone.  I wanted to stress the importance of education.  I have been a fond reader of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Mr. Kiyosaki and have learned many valuable points, as well as from my leadership graduate course that I am taking.

One not only needs to know technical things when it comes to solving problems and getting out of tough situations or just being in situations in general.  One needs to know how to work with people.  People and emotions change everyday or every second.  If one can understand him/herself and the people they are surrounded by they will be more successful.

A helpful tip to creating passive income I have learned is being very open minded and not only developing your financial education but also developing your emotional/personal education.  If you know someone who is earning thousdands of dollars per month of passive income, be their follower and have them be your mentor.  Understand what they do, have done and will do to ensure the income flow is there forever.  I know this doesn't really describe anything regarding a physical thing to receive passive income but I feel it is ever important to becoming free.

One needs to understand oneself and discover what they truly are passionate about.  You can turn that into a business and hire smart people to run your system and business, you can turn those passions into a blog and have multiple means of traffic to it and earn through affiliates and other forms of advertisements, you can have both and have a blog and a business and with the traffic driving them to your business website etc..

 If one can identify oneself, then they can put more of a focus on how to relate with others or how others are feeling and can relate to them.  Creating Passive Income can become powerful, with many advantages whether tax wise or life wise.  If you are open-minded and focused on others and the situation that is occurring, one can get a better education and really learn from them.  Be spontaneous and strike conversations with new people that are like-minded or not-like-minded as you are.  Put your guard down, the only thing that you are fearing is fear itself, which is just sad.

Passive Income can be made if one understands how they want to do it, the greater vision of what will bring it and continually education yourself not only technically but personally and emotionally with yourself and the people around you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Payment Proofs Today!

Hey Everyone!  I know I normally post a review on Thursdays regarding a site that I use to generate income, but I'd like to use today as a way to show payment proofs from last night and earlier this week.
Free Money at FusionCash!
1. As you can see, and if you have been paying attention to my blogs.  My Total Received has gone up from $33.80 to $65.60, a 31.80 increase.  I received my Payment from Fusion Cash last night.  Here is a picture of my payment proof.  Pretty nice!  You also notice from my banner above, that I have a higher worth, which means there is a $50+ disparity b/w that and my received money.  Why? Because Today I submitted another cash out of $50.01, which I will receive around this time in April.

2. Another cashout I received was for $10.78 from Big Crumbs

The $10.78 doesn't seem like a lot, but to me, anything that increases my cash flow is phenomenal.  Here is the Proof of this payment.  I love this place, simply because I will shop for my family, myself and friends and get a nice rebate back on my purchases.  I talked about this site around 1 month ago on Rebates from Online Shopping.

3. Another small cashout I received was from Cashle.  Now I know I haven't even talked about this site at all and haven't spend hardly a few mere minutes over there but received $4.00 (click $ for payment proof!).  Again, not crazy absurd money, but I simply transferred that money to an online merchant account and can deposit/use it where I please!  It's a fun site to earn though, I will probably update my sites this weekend.

4. One Last one that I will post is my Amazon $5 gift card that I used to purchase:
The gift card was from SwagBucks and I just love this site as you have so many options for what you want to do with your bucks you receive from there.
Search & Win
I like the amazon gift card option as you "get more punch for the buck" at a ratio of 90SwagBucks/$1  when compared to $5 paypal which is 140SBucks/$1.  Here is a pic of the Gift Card order: Proof.

As you can see these are a few, not all, of the simple things that have come my way from online websites.  I have put in less and less work on these sites above but am earning the standard if not more lately.  And that is what passive/residual income is about.  Less time, but the same, if not, greater reward.  Enjoy and Good Luck.  Does anyone have any similar payments from online sources this month?  Let me know, I am interested!

-Lanny B.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Money Online Site Review: Moola!

Hey Everyone ~ Today's Online Money Site review is: Moola!.  Of Course this site is Completely Free!  I will proceed to bring you information regarding my earnings to date, how you earn money on there, the payment process etc.

I have been a member on Moola since January of 2007 and have earned over $300+ and it has been fun and excellent all the way.  So how exactly do you earn money on this fun site!?...

Games.  That was my initial attraction to the site was because you earned based on games.  They start you out with 1 penny, and each game you can bet the amount you have to keep doubling your money.  Such as: Start with a penny, win a game, then you have 2 pennies.  Then you can play another game and bet the 2cents to earn 4 cents etc and it just keeps going until you are in 7+ Figures!  It all depends on how much you are willing to risk = it's free money anyway : )  

You can also earn money by doing the "Boosters" as you can see from the picture I have posted a little below.  These are basically little offers and surveys you can do through their booster zone, using services such as offer pal etc.  Pretty similar to Fusion Cash, Inbox Dollars and Cash Crate.  As you can see from the picture, I have earned quite a nice amount from doing these free offers/surveys.  They usually only take a few minutes to do and credit either instantly or within a few hours!  You probably remember me talking about this site on my first post regarding Free Ways to Earn Income & Create Passive Income online!

Referrals.  What would this item be doing in my Passive Income Blog if it weren't for a way to earn passive income?  Well of course with Moola you have referrals.  Not just normal one level or first tier referrals, they pay you for 4 levels/tiers of referrals.  Ex: You can earn from your referrals earnings/winnings but also from your referral's referral and so on for 4 levels.  You can really big a huge downline this way, put your feet up and watch your account grow!  If you have
friends and/or family members that would like to play games and earn while doing it, then this is a great site for them.  They have games such as High Low (which you just guess if next card is higher or lower), Rock Paper Scissors, Gold Rush, Place bets on sporting games/events and a few others.

Get on out there, have fun, play some games, invite your friends & family and earn some free money!  That is what is the best part = It is Free!  The Sky is Endless, Get after it!
Moola Mini Banner
Passive Income is knocking at your door and the question is: do you open it or not?  What is your favorite game on Moola?  Maybe we can play against each other!  Thanks for reading!

-Lanny B.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Extremely Important Tip: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FAIL

Failure: "An event that does not accomplish its intended purpose" (Dictionary)

Why is everyone so afraid to fail?  Why are we afraid to test boundaries and push limits?  My cousin Brent and I had a long discussion last night about failing.  Not about failure being an end, but failure in positive terms.  Failing is good.  No, I take that back.  Failing is GREAT.

Why does one need to fail?  My question to you is, how do we learn if we do not fail?  How do we know what works and what doesn't work?  That can be defined and discovered through attempts, failing and succeeding.

An example of this can be with working out - we are weakening and causing failure to our muscles during and after we finish our workouts.  Only when one does that that we become stronger, faster and smarter.  One can only succeed if we have reached a weakened or failed state - this helps us become stronger, wiser, stronger and more prepared to succeed.

How does this apply to passive income?  Easy.  We need to put our boundaries down, open our mind and TRY things out.  If we do not - we are LIMITING ourselves and placing up walls that we are AFRAID to climb over.  To create the ever-lasting passive income, we need to try things out and if we fail - so what?  We now have learned what didn't work, what we can approve upon and come back smarter and more keen on ideas that work.  We can dissect why it didn't work and figure out new methods to make our techniques work.  It's as easy as that.

We are coming out of a recession at the moment.  How does our country know how to do so?  Simple, from our past failures - we know what worked and what didn't.  We know how to control the money supply to shorten and curb the effects and inflation.  This is all thanks to our trying methods out, some failing and some succeeding, but it is in the failing where one learns the most.

My advice is this: Try everything, Be Entrepreneurial, Be Open Minded - DO NOT LIMIT YOUR MIND'S Capabilities!  Your mind is your greatest asset, one that you can receive a non-stop growth and return on if you exercise it.  Do Not Limit yourself, because that is when growth stops and new ideas will shut.  Take a step back and visualize your goals and dreams.  Discover ideas on how to get to where you'd like to be.  Do Not Be Afraid of Failing.  Be Smart with your decisions and leverage one's mind.  I know you can do it.  When you succeed it will be far greater than all of your failures combined, but know that without these failures, one will not succeed.

Enjoy Your Weekend Everyone - Be Open, Attempt, Fail to Succeed.

-Lanny B

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Money Online Site Review: Cash Crate

Hey Everyone ~ Today's Online Money Site review is: Cash Crate.  Of Course this site is Completely Free!  I will proceed to bring you information regarding my earnings to date, how you earn money on there, the payment process etc.

This site is pretty awesome.  You receive a $1.00 sign up bonus, so again, you are already on top!  This site is very similar to Fusion Cash and Inbox Dollars in many ways in which I will describe below.

How Much have I earned? I made it easy and have implemented my earnings banner:

So you see how much I am making, well how do you earn the money?  Here is how you make the free money on Cash Crate
1.) Offers: Similar to FC and IB, you earn this free money from doing either free or paid offers.  Free ones range from $.15 - $15 and the paid offers are even higher than that.  They are very simple and easy, usually taking around 5 - 10 minutes per each one, some take though as little as 20 seconds.
2.) Surveys: It wouldn't be a site to make free money if it wasn't for free surveys.  There are surveys that you can do daily and it will add up.
3.) Referrals!: Of COURSE, you can earn passive income through referrals!  You receive 20% of the earnings from your first level (ex: Referral earns $5 - you earn $1) and 10% from the 2nd level (Your referral's referral earns $10 and you would receive $1).  You also receive $3 per referral reaching $10!  Pretty awesome I would say
4.) Shopping: There is a shopping section where you earn a rebate back form your purchases.  Walmart offers a 3-4% cashback and magazines.com offers a whopping 26% cashback!

Not only can you earn Cash, but what makes this site different is the other method for prizes through points.  Every $1 you earn, you receive 1 point. There are actually point specific offers and surveys that you can do strictly for the points.  What can you do with points - Purchase prizes such as amazon gift certificates, apple products etc.  So it's nice there are other methods of earning money and/or prizes.

What else is different?  There is an actually extended/upgraded level of membership on there as well.  You start off at Bronze level - which entitles you to 20% of referral earnings and 10% of 2nd level referral earnings & you receive your check on the 15th of the following month.  Well, if you receive 50 referrals you are upgraded to Silver rank.  Silver Rank entitles you to 25% of referral earnings and you receive your check on the 1st of the following month instead of the 15th.  Pretty nice.

How do you get paid/methods of payment?  So far they pay you via check in the mail. If you have a minimum balance of $20 at the end of the month, they will send the check and you will receive it the following month around the 15th they state (depends on your rank).

Again, this is another avenue of free money, and with the referral program that they have, opportunities are endless.  Passive income will be created if you are friendly to members around the web, personal life, family etc. and if they desire will join up!  This is one of my many sites that I use from my first post that help me receive income from doing offers and passive income from when I am not even on the sites.

Thanks again for reading my review on Cash Crate - get up and get after the free money - there is plenty of it out there for all of you!  It's free, so why not - it definitely can't hurt!!  The extra money would be great for vacations, text books, gas money, cell phone bill, investing etc.  Anyone ranked higher on cash crate?  Any one have a similar great experience with them?  Post below!  Talk to you all soon!           -Lanny B.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Do I Have This Blog About Passive Income?

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to my blog about Passive Income Online.  I have been writing on this blog for roughly one month and have over 15 posts.  I know I started this blog off just rambling about ways to earn free money online which can result to passive income.  BUT I never wrote a post about why I am writing about this journey I have and hope you have towards Passive Income Online.  Well here goes nothing...!

It all started After Christmas of 2009.  I talked with mere friends about a book that I wanted to read, never speaking a word of it to my family.  Christmas morning comes around and I unwrap a present.  That present, surprisingly, was the book that I had wanted to read, thought about, spoke about ~ it all just seemed erie!  As soon as I finished the other book I was reading during that time, I immediate jumped into this new book I had received.  Carefully reading every word and not being able to put it down unless it was to catch a few hours of sleep, work etc.  As you can probably already tell - this book had changed my life.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki was this book that I am talking about.  It has been out for a few years now and he actually has a whole collection on the series.  To summarize what I had received from it is this - I wanted to get out of the rat race of having to receive good grades, to get accepted into a higher learning education, get good grades again, get a good job to WORK FOR MONEY, to get promoted, to work harder for more money to which I have higher expenses etc~ the process simply is never ending.

Therefore, to get out of this rate race that we are so inclined to do since the age of 5, depending on when you start school, I wanted to start with passive income - more so online.  What is passive income?  Passive income is something that brings you cash flow on a frequent basis where you do not have to spend time (little time is okay for tweaks & maintenance), energy but simply still receive this income.  Wow!  Who wouldn't want that?  Where you don't do anything but collect money?  Sounds perfect to me!  The only thing is, you need to learn and be financially and sociably literate to do so.  I am in graduate school which kind of goes against everything.  I am in school though to learn - not to get good grades and get a high paying job.  I am here to learn as much as I can while I am in school (you can see my MBA Blog).  I also will go to work not to work for money, but to simply work to learn about how business are run etc.

How have I been receiving Passive Income?  Well, since I am 22 years old (as of yesterday!), I love to make money online and I simply didn't have enough funds to invest into real estate etc.  I then started this blog - Real Passive Income Online and it is all FREE.  I knew my situation and goals and figured this would be a a great place to start - graduate student, 22 years old, spends vast amounts of time on the internet, has made money on here for free before etc, it all just works too perfect.

What can YOU do to receive passive income on here?  Well I have all of these posts prior to this one that explain many ways.  I have sites from my first post - they start you off by you having to do some work (time mostly) to start earning but once you get the hang of it you move towards your focus on referrals.   I have this blog and others with google's adsense, and the more I write about my niche specific, passion driven topic - increase in traffic, which results in higher chances of google ad clicks which results in higher google adsense earnings.  I write on eHow.com, which is simply how to articles, which further brings in more.

How does this work?  Simple! The almighty Internet is a business that runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  What other types of businesses are open every second of the year?  Post them below please : )

I know this is a long post but I wanted to tell my main reason.  That main reason is to share these opportunities with YOU.  YOU can start relieving some stress off of your shoulders and begin creating this online passive income.  I have many posts on how to do that and get started, the ball will be in your court.  With time and an open, creative mind - the amount you can earn is truly endless.  If you have a goal, do not give up on it and instead get off your feet and make it happen.  Free passive income will be the starting point of my journey and I am curious on where it will take me.  When will you start?  When will you start?  The Time is NOW!

-Lanny B.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Money Online Site Review: Inbox Dollars

Hey Everyone!  As noted yesterday, I will begin to post on sites that I currently am using to generate this Passive Income I keep talking about.  Since I have spoken about Fusion Cash already, I will be talking about Inbox Dollars.  I will talk in the order of how long I have been a member, how you can earn money in general from there, such as the lanes of income that it can provide you, my current amount as of today, and exactly how this can turn into free Passive Income Online.  Here We Go!

Inbox Dollars is a fantastic Site.  I have been a member since January 11, 2010, so around two months.  What attracted me to the site was the easy layout design, which leads to easy navigation, which equals out to a happy customer : ) - Always a plus!  I am current at as of 3/8/2010 - $28.16.  I know, it isn't thousands of dollars, but I have BARELY spent any time on there, I mean yes I have taken some time to learn the site (which will hopefully benefit you!) and earn some while doing it.

How am I earning from the site?  Well here are the methods: Free or Paid Offers, Cash Back from simply shopping online (I have 2 others sites that do there here), Free Surveys, $5 sign up bonus : ), receiving these PAID e-mails on a frequent daily basis (usually 1-3x per day!), and referrals. Basically it is all displayed below the methods that are used : ) To make things more visual.

I personally LOVE the paid e-mails.  They are normally worth around $.02 per piece, and it takes 2 seconds to receive it - beats the PTC ads thats for sure!  Offers usually take a few minutes, earning b/w $.25 - $3.00 for the free ones and up to $15 I believe for paid offers.  Surveys take around 5-10 minutes depending on what you get.  Now you may be asking yourself - how is this passive income if you are spending the time to earn it?  Answer: Referrals and Paid E-mails.

I earn a passive income on here because of my referrals and receiving paid emails.  For some it is extremely difficult to receive referrals, but I find it fun and easy - most coming from not even trying to receive a referral, such as this blog.  I like to get to know people, provide them with information on what they need.  Referrals will equal passive income because you receive a % of their earnings!  Paid e-mails are a source of passive income I consider, because you are rumbling through e-mails anyhow and it only takes 2 seconds to click on the email.  So in about 56 days I have earned over $28 with spending some time learning the site and talking to people, I'll take that any day.

Why Sign up for Inbox Dollars?  Well, there is a $5.00 sign up bonus (you are already on Top), it's fun and real easy to earn and with the opportunity of referrals - sky is the limit on this one as well.  This site relates to the few that I have talked about in my first post on this blog.  I actually have created a YouTube Video describing Inbox Dollars!

So what are you waiting for?  Go out there and earn some free money on Inbox Dollars.  I hope to see you around on there and enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by once again to all my readers - anyone have a similar great experience?  Please Comment below!  Talk to you all soon.                     -Lanny B. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Updated my Free Ways to Generate Income Post!

Hey Everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!  I wanted everyone to know that I updated my 1st post ever on this blog and have included 5 more amazing free sites that I am on that are generating me income.  Of course, like always, these sites have 0 investment and only need some of your time.  I only place sites on here and on that page that I know are working, credited and are functional in terms of usage.  I will only place them on here for your awareness and knowledge, as a matter of fact, only when I RECEIVE money, to which I have on 9 sites so far.  There's SO much free money out there it is incredible.  My best recommendation is to get involved, have fun and reap some of the awards the internet brings you : )

I also will be coming out with a string of new posts describing each one separately starting tomorrow, Monday March 8th, on each one of those sites.  Since I have done Fusion Cash two posts prior and include a separate Page for them already, I will pass that and go straight to Inbox Dollars.  I will, hopefully, come out with a post every other day and if not, every Monday and Thursday describing a site that I am on with updates on my stats as well.  Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy my updated Post!  Anyone have any others that they are on and would like to share?  Thanks!

-Lanny B.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blog Tip For Beginners #3

Hey everyone!  It has been some time since I have came out with a new tip for bloggers out there that are starting but I have returned with a new tip.  That tip is Time.

Blogging and earning a passive income or cash flow stream does not happen overnight.  As much as people out there with their advertisements or their own blogs like to think, it certainly does not happen in an instant and boom you are making five to six figure income.  It just isn't going to happen  - if you know someone that has earned over a thousand dollars in a day from their first day blogging, message me because I would love to hear their secret : )   

It takes time to develop your blog simply.  You need time to write your posts and add more and more content to your readers.  More time to add that relevant and "niche" material in your blogs that attracts the certain target market you are trying to reach.  You need more time perfect/tweaking your blog design to gain the attention of the reader.  It takes time to strategically place ads on your blog, if you are into making money on your blog that is.  It takes time finding the right keywords that appear and rank your page higher when used.  Honestly, you can post over 50-100 times in a day?  If you can, can you write for me?!

A great example is my time on Fusion Cash.  At first, I put so much time into it and earned an okay amount.  But after a while of learning more, building more, I now spend less of my time on their but earn and achieve better results.  Hard work will pay off later.

That is the tip for the day - Time.  Don't have a mindset that you receive tens of thousands of dollars in an instant.  In time, with patience, passion and an interest in learning what works, what doesn't - you will build a great blog and will be successful and receive the earnings that you deserve!  On that note - has anyone tested the stages of time on blogging to earning fast results or are you on the verge of throwing in the towel?  Let me know what position you are or have been in - Stories are what I love to read!  Thanks for reading everyone!  Here are the Other Blogging Tips.

-Lanny B.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fusion Cash Updates!

Hey Everyone, today I actually wanted to spend an entire blog post on Fusion Cash.  This site has been phenomenal, hands down!  Referrals are picking up like crazy (currently at 16) and I find myself doing less and less on that site but yet I am making more and more.  I recently received my payment on February 18th for $33.80 (The link is for a picture of proof) and will receive another $31.80 on ~ March 20th, and already have another amount of $28.85 as of this morning, ready for my next cash out.

If you add these 3 together that is $94.45.  I began this on January 1st and around the beginning of February, the time I spend on this site has dwindled, and that is because of the bonuses, which I explain on my YouTube Video: Fusion Cash Bonuses.

I have come to realize, as a small tip for the online money makers out there, that conversation with people is key.  I love to help others find credited sites to earn money online and this is the first site I recommend, no doubt about it.  I could spend as much time as I did in January to earn more than what I have stated above, but I use my time now to find other opportunities, while I simply help people earn their potential on FusionCash, which personally, is ENDLESS, that I do not kid.

I will leave by saying, go on and check it out, there's free money out there to be earned by everyone.  The sky is the limit on that site and I know that I will continue to help others earn there and it will be the first site I recommend to others.  I, in fact, made a page for fusion cash as you can see at the top of my blog.  Enjoy!
Free Money at FusionCash!
-Lanny B.

P.S. What is nice about it, is that it's a Better Business Bureau Credited Business!