Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blog Tip For Beginners #3

Hey everyone!  It has been some time since I have came out with a new tip for bloggers out there that are starting but I have returned with a new tip.  That tip is Time.

Blogging and earning a passive income or cash flow stream does not happen overnight.  As much as people out there with their advertisements or their own blogs like to think, it certainly does not happen in an instant and boom you are making five to six figure income.  It just isn't going to happen  - if you know someone that has earned over a thousand dollars in a day from their first day blogging, message me because I would love to hear their secret : )   

It takes time to develop your blog simply.  You need time to write your posts and add more and more content to your readers.  More time to add that relevant and "niche" material in your blogs that attracts the certain target market you are trying to reach.  You need more time perfect/tweaking your blog design to gain the attention of the reader.  It takes time to strategically place ads on your blog, if you are into making money on your blog that is.  It takes time finding the right keywords that appear and rank your page higher when used.  Honestly, you can post over 50-100 times in a day?  If you can, can you write for me?!

A great example is my time on Fusion Cash.  At first, I put so much time into it and earned an okay amount.  But after a while of learning more, building more, I now spend less of my time on their but earn and achieve better results.  Hard work will pay off later.

That is the tip for the day - Time.  Don't have a mindset that you receive tens of thousands of dollars in an instant.  In time, with patience, passion and an interest in learning what works, what doesn't - you will build a great blog and will be successful and receive the earnings that you deserve!  On that note - has anyone tested the stages of time on blogging to earning fast results or are you on the verge of throwing in the towel?  Let me know what position you are or have been in - Stories are what I love to read!  Thanks for reading everyone!  Here are the Other Blogging Tips.

-Lanny B.


  1. Good Post bud. I agree!!! 100%, I do the same with my "other" streams of income, as time goes on, you need to spend less time with them, but blogs take love and effort, its not for the faint of heart!

  2. Exactly! Thanks for stopping by. It's just like working out - you aren't going to become "ripped" or "jacked" in one day, but in time - you will prosper!

    -Lanny B.