Monday, March 22, 2010

Education and It's Importance to Passive Income

Hey everyone.  I wanted to stress the importance of education.  I have been a fond reader of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Mr. Kiyosaki and have learned many valuable points, as well as from my leadership graduate course that I am taking.

One not only needs to know technical things when it comes to solving problems and getting out of tough situations or just being in situations in general.  One needs to know how to work with people.  People and emotions change everyday or every second.  If one can understand him/herself and the people they are surrounded by they will be more successful.

A helpful tip to creating passive income I have learned is being very open minded and not only developing your financial education but also developing your emotional/personal education.  If you know someone who is earning thousdands of dollars per month of passive income, be their follower and have them be your mentor.  Understand what they do, have done and will do to ensure the income flow is there forever.  I know this doesn't really describe anything regarding a physical thing to receive passive income but I feel it is ever important to becoming free.

One needs to understand oneself and discover what they truly are passionate about.  You can turn that into a business and hire smart people to run your system and business, you can turn those passions into a blog and have multiple means of traffic to it and earn through affiliates and other forms of advertisements, you can have both and have a blog and a business and with the traffic driving them to your business website etc..

 If one can identify oneself, then they can put more of a focus on how to relate with others or how others are feeling and can relate to them.  Creating Passive Income can become powerful, with many advantages whether tax wise or life wise.  If you are open-minded and focused on others and the situation that is occurring, one can get a better education and really learn from them.  Be spontaneous and strike conversations with new people that are like-minded or not-like-minded as you are.  Put your guard down, the only thing that you are fearing is fear itself, which is just sad.

Passive Income can be made if one understands how they want to do it, the greater vision of what will bring it and continually education yourself not only technically but personally and emotionally with yourself and the people around you.

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