Sunday, December 19, 2010

Staying On Top of On Bux!

This article review is for Onbux.Com It is an extremely easy Get Paid to Click website that has the normal features of getting paid to watch 30 second advertisements, referring others and you can even rent referrals on the program.

I have cashed out a few times on, but nothing really substantial, a simple few dollars here and a few dollars there. For payment proofs of OnBux please go to my Payment Proof Page. I like because it is simple, no-mental consumption of energy and referrals can really do wonders for you to make this a passive vehicle. However, when I first started out, I wanted to do all the clicking to make sure it was legit when I cashed out, to make sure no viruses were created and to make sure that it was consistent with paying out. Also, the best part of OnBux is that it pays instantly to your payout. No joke. Literally, within seconds you will have the money in your paypal to use at your leisure, it is extremely nice!

Referrals: You receive exactly what your direct referral earns. So if they earn 4 cents you earn 4 cents, etc. If you rent your referrals by using a small portion of your accumulated earnings or by using paypal, you receive half of what they earn. The obvious difference is that with direct referrals you find your friends, family, members on a forum etc to sign up, but with rented referrals - you rent them for a certain time and all you have to have is some amount of accumulated earnings.

I would recommend to add to your current selection of your Get Paid to Click websites, as it is consistent, pays instantaneously and is legitimate.  With a referral based, both direct and/or rented, you can build an easy passive income stream, as your referrals will find out how easy it is to click ads and get paid to view them for 30 seconds.  I use these payments as a way to curb investment brokerage fees when I do trading online etc.  The small payments I use therefore serve a meaningful purpose in my income journey.  Feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions!  Thank you.

-Lanny B.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 2010 Earnings

Here is my November 2010 Earnings SnapShot:

Fusion Cash $23.18
Treasure Trooper $4.55
eHow Earnings $5.12
ReadBud $24.50
Inbox Dollars $2.58
Cash Crate $1.00
FireHow $0.18
NeoBux $1.57
Amazon Sales $0.00
Swagbucks $15.00
Big Crumbs $5.96
People String $1.02
Cashle $0.00
SendEarnings $2.12
ClixSense $2.72
OnBux $1.26

     Total $90.76

From what I can see, this was an actually better than usual month for me, as I have been working 40 or so hours per week at a "real" job and am a Full Time Graduate Student.  Therefore, all of these extra earnings from Online, are just that - Extra.  This is nice "change" for me to use for investment purposes or to help on any other business objectives.  I haven't posted my October results, but I can say that Fusion Cash was back to its original self this past month, with over $20 in earnings and Readbud continues to amaze me with over $20 as well.  Swagbucks was very solid, as I have a great referral base there, and the passive income online stream I receive from that has been nice and consistent.

What is to come?  Well, I feel like I am back and ready to crank out better earnings then ever.  I really do, I know the months of August through October, I really deviated away from my passive income online approach and really didn't tend to any of it online, and sort of put my endeavors on the "back burner".  This month of December I will be coming out with new articles more frequently in the past, letting readers know what works, what doesn't, what has been paid to me with proof of pictures and all that.  Here goes the month of December!!!  Talk to everyone soon and keep at it!

-Lanny B.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Payment from Fusion Cash!

Hey Everyone! ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to briefly share with everyone that I received another payment from Fusion Cash in the amount of $45.24.  Here is a picture of Payment.  I am just extremely happy with that source of cash, because it is so consistent, easy and fast.  For other payments go Here.

I instantly receive it directly to paypal.  My new goal with my online earnings is to use that as another investment tool by purchasing dividend yielding stocks (another source of cash flow).  This is because I am buying assets that produce cash and that is my overall goal.  To develop more income streams from other income streams!  Also - I may use some of my funding from online to purchase option contracts, because I have taken classes on them and my friend from High School has been extremely excited about the potential profits from that.

Either which way - if you haven't signed up for Fusion Cash, please do so ASAP!  You receive $5 for signing up and it's a great way to build a passive income stream.  You can use this passive income stream to purchase others mean of cash flow via assets such as stocks, real estate, etc. - assets that can produce cash flow and have room for appreciation is key.  Sign up Here if you'd like and start earning the money!

-Lanny B.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Have Cashed out on Readbud

Hey Everyone,

I have officially cashed out over the $50 threshold on Readbud.  If you all remember my Readbud Review post, it is a way where you click and read articles and get paid a little bid for reading each one.  It is fairly easy to gain on this website, as daily there are articles.  I will post payment as soon as it comes through, states that it takes 30 days.

I have come to realize how Readbud operates.
-If you are under a certain amount, say $20, you receive a huge load of articles per day, almost to the point where it is extremely easy to make $3-$5 per day from just articles alone.
-However, if you are over the $20/$25 mark, you will begin to receive less and less articles per day, which makes it take a little bit longer to reach the $50 threshold
-Once you are over $40, articles are extremely scarce.  You may receive 2-3 articles per day, which at that pace would typically take a few more weeks just to make it to $50, as articles range from $.03 - $.15.

I still do highly recommend checking out Readbud, as it is a free site to join and an easy way to earn some pocket cash on the side of other online income sources.  I have 4 referrals on there, that are currently at around $30-$40, which I will receive $5 once they reach the $50 threshold and cash out.  That is a great way to help in your passive income journey!

Thank you and Enjoy!

-Lanny B.

Monday, September 6, 2010

August 2010: Earnings Report

Welcome to my monthly edition of my previous month Earnings report.  Here you will find a snap shot of my earnings that I made last month, what went well, what didn't and what sites you can join to start receiving monthly passive income online.  Below is a table describing my August 2010 Earnings:

  Fusion Cash $24.26
  Treasure Trooper $7.00
  eHow Earnings $1.91
  ReadBud $5.05
  Inbox Dollars $3.44
  Cash Crate $0.00
  FireHow $0.16
  NeoBux $1.75
  Amazon Sales $2.70
  Swagbucks $15.00
  Big Crumbs $1.80
  People String $1.92
  Cashle $0.01
  SendEarnings $1.12
  ClixSense $2.07
  OnBux $1.61
     Total $69.80
  Shipping Fee $0.00
  NeoBux Fees $0.09
  OnBux Fees $0.06
     Total $0.15
Net Income $69.65

As you can see: Another SOLID month at Fusion Cash.  I tell you what - that is always one site I can count on that will earn me around $20-50 bucks each month, almost guaranteed.  If you haven't signed up yet - $5 Sign up Bonus for those that need to.  Swagbucks had another stellar month with $15 in bonus earnings, I receive either Amazon gift cards towards my textbooks or paypal deposits.  Also, Treasure trooper did alright, but could be better.

The downsides are Cash Crate.  I didn't spend time promoting or on that site at all for the previous month, which I will surely change this month of September.  I do enjoy the site, but just haven't been strengthening my presence there.  Also, the semester kicked back up in full swing a few weeks ago, I was in California for a week and I have also been working around 40 hours per week.  Therefore, my time of promotion and spending time to describe these sites to friends, relatives and online sites has dramatically declined which has hindered my performance.

In the month to come:  I will pull for similar earnings in FusionCash, Swagbucks, Readbud and TreasureTrooper.  I will improve my earnings in CashCrate with referrals and cash offers and I will also introduce two new websites this month as part of reviews.

I hope everyone's Labor Day is off to a great start!  Get out the grill, throw some burgers and dogs on and enjoy the beautiful day!  Talk to everyone soon, please comment below!

-Lanny B.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Online Money Site Review: Clixsense

Good evening everyone!  Today is all about Clixsense !!

Clixsense allows both a consumer & advertiser to generate revenue for their online income!
As a consumer:
This is a PTC (Pay to Click) program and you browse users advertisements for 30 seconds per article and get paid at a minimum $0.01 for each one.  This amount varies depending on how much the advertiser spent on their ad.  You also can earn more by referring other members, obviously, and collecting a percentage of money they earn.  Here is their affiliate referral program description taken from their site:

"Free members (Non-Premium members) will receive $0.01 for each referral and will receive $2.00 if their direct referral upgrades to a Premium account. You will also receive 10% of revenues generated from your referrals' ad purchases.

Premium Members are paid affiliate commissions 8 levels deep!

PREMIUM MEMBERS – You are instantly paid $0.10 for each new referral. When one of your direct referrals upgrades their account to a Premium membership, you are instantly paid $2.00 for that member's upgrade. (You are also paid commissions on any ads that member clicks on) When that member refers a new member who upgrades to premium you are instantly paid a $1.00 override commission. You just got paid for doing NOTHING! Even better, that same scenario pays EIGHT LEVELS DEEP! "

As you can see there are 2 levels of membership - Free and Premium.  Basically, I recommend all users to earn their first $10 clicking ads and then using those funds to upgrade for $10.  You literally will earn it all back in a week or less, depending on how frequent of a visitor you are to click ads or refer new members!

Here is a copy of my first payment to test it out: Clixsense Payment One!  

As Advertiser:
This website helps you advertise your money websites, blogs or other sites that you have at a low fee as well.  You can use your money that you earn from Clixsense browsing ads and referring your friends/relatives/others and use them towards advertising your own websites to create more traffic and possibly earn even more revenue from that!!

Bottom line: Clixsense is a great, proven way to earn money online.  Their program is very simple click ads = earn money, refer users = earn money, upgrade = earn even more money.  I love this program and will update my stats as I continue to use it!  What are you waiting for? Click and earn passive income online here!

-Lanny B

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fusion Cash Payment Number 6 - $47.35

Hey Everyone!  Check it out:

This marks my 6th Payment from Fusion Cash and it has been Phenomenal.  It goes straight to Paypal and all I do from there is either transfer it to my bank account which arrives in 2-4 days or I can use these funds to make purchases on online retailers that accept paypal.

This post is for proof that Fusion Cash Pays and they pay regularly!  I have my banner below this paragraph so you can see how much I have received and have earned so far.

Free Money at FusionCash!

I have been a member since January 1, 2010 and the cash has slowed down a bit because I have had a great deal of things going on, but if there is one site that I will continue to use and have faith in it is - Fusion Cash.  There just isn't anything better!

If anyone has any questions or wants to sign up, they can go here --> Fusion Cash Sign up Page.   You receive a $5.00 bonus and you can probably earn $25 within the first hour, even faster if you have friends and family that want to sign up as your referrals ($1 for sign ups and $2 after they do their first offer!)  Any other success stories with Fusion Cash?  Please post below!  Thanks everyone.

-Lanny B.

Monday, August 16, 2010

July Quick Earnings Report 2010

  Fusion Cash $19.73
  Treasure Trooper $4.00
  eHow Earnings   $0.27
  ReadBud $13.74
  Inbox Dollars $4.21
  Cash Crate $0.95
  FireHow $0.13
  NeoBux $2.50
  Amazon Sales $13.91
  Swagbucks $25.00
  Big Crumbs $8.53
  People String $0.90
  Cashle $0.01
  SendEarnings $2.66
  ClixSense $2.69
  OnBux $1.42
     Total $100.65
  Amaz. Shipping    $5.14
  NeoBux Fees $1.20
     Total $6.34
Net Income $94.31

As you can see I crossed the $100 in Revenues for the Month of July!  Felt GREAT to be back over the triple digit mark for the month.  Some fees that went along with getting referrals and shipping books, but it is all good!  August has been a sub-par month so far, but I have 14 days left to increase my figures, so I will go all out!  As you can see ReadBud, FusionCash and SwagBucks were big money makers for me today and I suggest/recommend any online income user here to definitely sign up for those via my links and start earning.  I have posts on all 3 that describes them, but you can also email/message/comment if you need any help!  Good Luck!  This has been a quick post as life has been hectic and I apologize for neglecting my postings for the prior 2 months.  I hope everyone's summer has gone extremely well and you are all bettering yourselves each and every day!

-Lanny B

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Payment Proof Update/Post!

Hey All!  How is the summer going?  I wanted to take the time and post some of my payments I have received during the last few weeks, show the proof of the sites that I work on and also to further motivate my viewers and myself to reach for new goals/heights!

Fusion Cash Payment #4, Paid on May 20, 2010.  Amount: $28.09
Wow!  My 4th Consecutive payment from Fusion Cash!  Got to love them, they are my favorite, as I have earned: Check the Banner -->
 Free Money at FusionCash!
I am loving their bonuses.  Everyone receives a $5.00 sign up bonus for clicking Here and the referral, monthly bonuses are phenomenal.  More info on Fusion Cash click here --> Post!

Inbox Dollars Payment #1, Paid on June 4, 2010.  Amount $29.20
My first payment from Inbox Dollars!  They are awesome, paid e-mails, paid toolbar searches, you literally are earning money everyday, especially if you have built a downline!

I am now a Golden Member, which allows me to receive faster payments and I can receive them on a weekly basis instead of monthly!  Cha Ching!  Check out my Inbox Dollars Post here --> Post!!

Cashle Payment #3, Paid on June 3, 2010.  Amount $2.50 (quick payment!)
This was a quick payment that I received to show my friend that this was a true site and they do pay.  I am actually a Gold Member here, which is the 4th ranking out of the, 5 or 6 ranks you can achieve.  Therefore, I receive instant payouts as soon as I want to cash out.  He now believes and is earning money himself.  I am enjoying cashle as they have daily clicks and you can either earn money or cash out points towards Amazon.  I think I posted a few months ago on the site over here -->  Post!!!

Payments to Come:
At least a $50 payment from Treasure Trooper, as I also have a dedicated Post for them.  I also am expecting ANOTHER FusionCash payment this month around the 20th in the amount of over $51 as well!  Also, I should be receiving a Moola payment this month between the $20-30 range, I shall post when that is delivered.  Some of these payments are paypal direct and some do it the old-fashioned check way, either which way doesn't matter to me, as it is all free passive income that I am earning online!

I hope that you enjoyed this post.  I wanted to share the users of my blog actual proof of the work that gets put in and the rewards that you receive from an online based income.  These are all real and if anyone has any questions please message me.  Also, be sure to check out my Payment Proofs page, as I update that more often than making a special post on the matter!  Talk to you all soon!

-Lanny B.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May 2010: Earnings Report

Greetings all!!!!  I have returned!  I will describe below my earnings why it has been a much long drought from my recent posting in May.  I feel as though I should share with you my earnings for May 2010!!  Bottomline, Fusion Cash and Treasure Trooper ROCK!!!  Between the two I made over $74!  Pretty nice pocket change wouldn't you say?  MORE CONTINUED BELOW EARNINGS....

  Fusion Cash $51.58
  Treasure Trooper $23.85
  eHow Earnings $1.35
  Inbox Dollars $1.81
  Cash Crate $3.88
  FireHow $0.08
  NeoBux $2.79
  Amazon Sales $22.36
  eBay Sales $0.00
  Swagbucks $10.00
  Big Crumbs $1.77
  People String $1.84
  Cashle $0.15
  SendEarnings $1.72
  Cash 4 Free $0.00
  HYIFund $0.40
     Total $123.58
  Amaz. Shipping Fee $7.71
  NeoBux Fees $0.49
     Total $8.20
Net Income $115.38

Why I Haven't Posted Recently
Not to make ANY excuses on why I haven't posted recently, but I feel I have some valid reasons.  Earlier when I was making my frequent posts of 3-4 times per week, I was only working a real job around 2 days per week and taking graduate courses at night (see my MBA Blog!).  Around mid-April, I have received a new, immediate position at a local parish in Akron Ohio as the Office Manager.  Therefore, I went from working about 5 hours per week to about 40+ hours per week, and not to mention, I am one of the coaches for grades 3-8 track team and we just finished our season in Mid-May. I want to apologize for my delays, I will be thinking creatively for new posts for the upcoming weeks here in June!  

Explanation of Earnings
My earnings declined $16.26 from April, a 12.3% dip.  I know, usually the panic signs begin to throw up if that happens, but I am sitting here SMILING about my May earnings.  Why? As stated above, I worked about 8x more than what I currently was working (as an employee) and I was still able to bring over $100, which has been my goal since the beginning of January (to bring $100 a month from online earnings).  How is that possible that I wasn't available 800% more because of work but my earnings dipped only 12%?  Easy.  Passive Income Streams!!  I did MUCH LESS work for my above earnings, yet they are still solid, and if you dollar wise, $16 dip isn't bad at all, considering I MORE THAN made that up working as an employee.  Fusion Cash and Treasure Trooper have surged, I am receiving another payment from the former of $51 and change and from the latter my check will be $50.85 as well (it accumulated from prior months), all while doing MUCH less : )  That is what I call passive income: less work you do, the more you make (efficiently for sure).  

This Month
As they say, why continually work with the same thing expecting a different result?  I will be focusing now on those two sites stated above, because that is where 65% of my net income came from!  I will also be cashing out more often on NeoBux because I think that is a great site, one I will review on as my next post, and the offer instant cash outs!

In Conclusion
How did you all end up finishing for the month of May?  Anything work/didn't work for you?  Please share below and I appreciate you stopping by!  Thanks!

-Lanny B 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Money Online Site Review: Treasure Trooper

Hey Everyone, It's Lanny and I am back with another awesome make money online site review!  Today on the agenda is: Treasure Trooper.

As of 5/8/10, I have accumulated over $40 (see above!) without spending much time over there.  I am on Treasure Trooper probably about 2 minutes per day.  How am I receiving this money, is the question like always, correct?  Here is a break down that I will do: Cash Clicks, Cash Offers, Referrals. 3 Very easy, simply steps to earn money at Treasure Trooper and a way to pump another Passive Income stream to your bank account.

1.) Cash Clicks.  Every 24 hours, on Treasure Trooper you may do, at the moment, 24 total cash clicks that are worth 5 cents a piece.  That equates out to $1.20 guaranteed per day.  Multiply that by 30 = $36 per month from cash clicks!  These take about 2 minutes (what I normally do) per day so it is a fairly nice pay for the amount of time : )  Which is EXACTLY what we want to do!

2.) Cash Offers.  Similar to Fusion Cash and Cash Crate, you have FREE cash offers you can do to increase your cash balance on Treasure Trooper.  These are simply surveys or other sites to join and the pay ranges from $0.25 - $3.00.  Very easy, Very Fast and Great Income.  You can sort them by most popular (easiest to credit) and knock them down.  Treasure Trooper also offers a "Quarter Bin" section, which has MANY offers that are worth a quarter that have a 99% success rate!  Very Nice!

3.) Referrals!  Of course, a GPT site wouldn't be one without a current referral structure.  What sets Treasure Trooper apart from Fusion Cash specifically?  Referral structure of TWO LEVELS deep.  You receive 20% of your referrals earnings from level 1 and 5% from your referral's referrals.  Extremely generous and beneficial.  This is where the Passive Income stream is built.  If you refer 5 people and THEY refer 5 people each.  That is a total of 30 people in your downline that you are receiving free money from!

Those are the THREE main points on Treasure Trooper.  They also have fun games like Treasure Hunts, Treasure Journal searches and other exciting activities that allow you to earn SO much more!  What are you waiting for?  There is free money to be made and you better go get it!  Sign up now for Treasure Trooper!  As always, message me if you have any questions - That is what I am here for, I want you to succeed and experience the benefits of free money from home!  Thanks and Enjoy!  Anyone have any other similar experience?  Post below!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 2010: Earnings Summary Report

Hey Everyone (I know I have been on another hiatus, I have been working and doing school work non-stop lately and haven't had time to post!), April has ended and since it is the end, I decided to post my April Earnings for the month!  My passive income online was below what March had performed but there are a few reasons behind this, which I will describe below.

  Fusion Cash $28.09
  eHow Earnings $1.78
  Inbox Dollars $4.58
  Cash Crate $3.99
  FireHow $0.25
  NeoBux $3.96 Sales $42.40
  eBay Sales $0.00
  Swagbucks $5.00
  Big Crumbs $0.00
  People String $5.82
  Cashle $6.82
  SendEarnings $1.69
  Cash 4 Free $10.16
  HYIFund $3.30
  Treasure Trooper $21.70
     Total $139.54
  Amaz. Shipping Fee $5.53
  NeoBux Referral Fees $2.50
     Total $8.03
Net Income $131.51

As you can see it dropped by about $90 in residuals from last month.  Why and how did it drop?  Well if you haven't notice, I REMOVED GOOGLE ADSENSE!  That is the first difference.  I removed them because I received some weird violation - which I really have no idea what I did, and I received complaints from visitors saying the ads were distracting them from visiting my blog - what could I do about that? Well remove the google ads, so I did.  Also, there was a SHARP decline in eHow earnings, and if anyone doesn't know, eHow was taken pretty much over by Demand Studios and removed about 50% of my articles on eHow's website.  We shall see if I apply to write for Demand Studios or not, maybe once I am settled in after my semester of graduate school is completely over. sales were up, I found a few awesome new sites as you can see above with the larger earnings.  That is what it is truly about - testing out sites, if you fail - well you at least learned what has worked and what does not.  It is all fun and games to me though, because it is all free passive income online that I am receiving.  I expect this month of May to reach around the $200 mark again, because I will be able to devote more time to posting, promotion and people.  People is the most important part.  Trying to spread the good news of the capabilities of the internet is what is ultimately important.  I thank everyone who has visited my blog these last few months and May 2010 should be a wonderful month of new posts, website reviews, making money online and having fun!  I wish everyone a great weekend and best of luck on all your endeavors!

-Lanny B.

P.S. - How many were effected by the eHow change?  Anyone have a similar experience to Google Ads?  Let me know!  Thanks!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Online Money Site Review: Cashle

Hey Everyone - It's Friday and today I want to bring an Online Money Making Site that I use called Cashle.  It is very similar but very different in a lot of ways when standing it up next to the other GPT (Get Paid To) Sites.  Here is a breakdown of my stats/earnings so far:

So you can see I have made around $25 so far (1541 points = $15.41 and then add the cash)
I used the points to buy a book and I have withdrawn the cash
Proof 1        Proof 2

How do I earn?  Very Easy, here is another little breakdown:
Daily Clicks - You get around 20 - 30 daily clicks and they intertwine with 2 different websites.  Some are for Cashle, others are for Points2Shop <-- they are both the same except one is on a cash system and the other is on a point system.  Each click is worth one cent, so doing 30 per day for 30 days gives you about $9.00 that month already.
Daily Surveys - Like any other site you receive Daily Surveys, which can range from $.25 - $1.00 and there are multiple ones that you can do in a single day.
Free Offers - Similar to other sites I have spoken about, there are free offers that one can do, with earnings ranging from $.15 - $3.00 for free offers.  It is an excellent way to make some fast, free money!
Paid offers - Of course there are the higher payout offers if one would like to do paid offers.

So what Makes THEM different?  Easy - They offer games to play, where you can wager your points to earn even more through card games and others.  They have monthly contests that can be based on how many offers you completed, referrals you have received, merit points your team has came up with (Info on this below) etc.  It's a very cool way to earn more.  Also, after every offer you complete you get to spin a wheel to either earn more money, more points, more merit points or tickets to their prize drawings!

Merit Points - There are quests that you do throughout the site that earns you merit points.  When you have enough merit points, you can create/join a team that also has a lot of merit points.  Each month, they give cash/point prizes to the top teams with the most merit points - so that is just another way to earn some more money!

Does anyone else have great experience with the site?  I know I have so far, with the earnings from here, I have been able to purchase a book and cash out twice (which by the way, cashing out minimum is $1.00 if you do alert pay or paypal!!!!).  I hope you enjoy, and go earn that free money at Cashle!

-Lanny B

Monday, April 12, 2010

What to do after receiving Passive Income?

Many of us that have received passive income whether that be through real estate, stocks/dividends, online websites such as Fusion Cash and Cash Crate, do not have any idea what to do with the funds that we receive.  I will briefly go over a few options that one can do with it that is in a productive manner.

1.) If you are bringing in this income because you have many bills and debt - Pay Those off ASAP w/ the free money/passive income you are earning.  This only helps one becoming financially free from this stress burden.

2.) Purchase stocks, preferably a stock that is in line with your goals. Ex: If your goal is to receive income quarterly/annually from that stock, then purchase a dividend yielding stock.  or - Ex: If your goal is to hold and save until a later date, buy an index mutual fund of some sort.  I am not a financial advisor or a planner, but these are what some can do.

3.) Place them BACK into your online business.  Purchase ads or reinvest them to sites such as Neobux, do priced offers on Fusion Cash to receive higher payouts, purchase ad space on websites such as Link Referral.  The return is usually always far greater than what it costs.

4.) Save it.  Save it for an emergency fund of some sort.  I recommend checking out my Bank Bonuses and Deals blog to see what banks are giving out to have you as a customer.  This is nice to have for any tragic situation, if one were to occur.

5.) For the Student: College Tuition and Books.  There is nothing better than receiving books for free and finding crazy ways to help fund your tuition.  I am using my funds from Fusion Cash and Inbox dollars to help purchase books and pay for a few credit hours.  Gotta love it!

These are just 5 little ways of being able to use the money that we are receiving from online sources.  What you do is your business, I simply am just describing ways that are very productive and can relieve stress and worry from your mind and shoulders.   I am curious, what does everyone do with their earnings?  Spend it? Save it? Place it in their investment plan?  Please, please post below!  Have a great monday all!

-Lanny B.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fusion Cash - New & Improved Post

Free Money at FusionCash!
How are you all doing?  Sorry for the week+ long Hiatus I was on, lost my website for a week but it is back : )

As you can see I have made over $130+ from my banner up top in just a few short months, doing virtually nothing!
Anyways, I wanted to update everyone on my Favorite site to earn income online: Fusion Cash.  This by far is amazing and me just signing up, and doing the bonuses every month you can receive: $9.25; see my video regarding the bonuses -> Fusion Cash Video on Bonuses.  I just had to post another article about this, because I feel so many people are on so many different programs but are getting hassled by them, but this is one is BBB credited and has paid me twice: Payment Proof 1 is to the right ==>

My 3rd cashout of $50.01 is on its way and will arrive in my paypal b/w April 18-22nd.  I have so far received 2 payments of $33.80 and $31.80, add those 3 up and that is well over $110.  I also have over $15+ that is building up for my upcoming cashout, which I hope to place by the end of this month, so I can be paid in May.  Just look at the total above on my toolbar, honestly the less work that I do, the more it seems to just keep growing, I think this is also known as passive income?  The less time you spend and if you are making equal or more income does equal this passive force! Sign up for Fusion cash to receive a $5.00 Bonus!

<== Payment Proof 2

April Review: It has been just wonderful and amazing the additions that Fusion Cash has implemented the last 2 weeks.  They now have a twitter, and if you follow them you get money.  They now have surprise and mystery promotions, where you can earn right there on the spot.  They now have new, special free offers tab that allows you to earn even more on this site.  Offers usually pay up to $20.00.
Bonuses again, Sign up = $5.00, Post 30x in the forum (Old buddy has described this as 30 "clicks" - which is true) = $3.00, Facebook Fan = $1.00, Post a Pic Payment = $1.00 and the list just goes on with the potential you can earn.  If you gain a referral = $1.00, they do an offer = $2.00, they cash out = $5.00, honestly it JUST DOESNT GET ANY BETTER!! $5.00 Sign up Bonus Now!

What are you waiting for?!?! Get over to Fusion Cash and start earning that free money.  You start out with a $5.00 bonus and that is the best bonus ratio to cash out I have seen yet.  You know where to find me, simply message or contact me and I will help you along the way.  Enjoy!
-Lanny B

Free Money at FusionCash!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Website Grader - Analyzing Your Blog/Website

Pat Flynn over at his Smart Passive Income blog described in an earlier post about using the Website Grader tool from Hub Stop and to receive an analysis on your blog and/or website.  I did so when he first introduce his post and wow was I embarrassed and surprised.  My Website Grade was ....
a low 28.

I could have taken this grade in a very negative way, but instead, I read what and why I was graded so and what I could do to improve.  Well, I just submitted it again and my score has jumped tremendously.  Let's say it went from 28 and in less than a month jumped all the way to 62!!  Wow!  Incredible!  Here is my picture of my grader:
The Website Grade for!

 I am so excited!  I want to thank everyone that has been here since the beginning back in middle of February.  My blog is a complete 180 degrees different than it was from when I first started.  Also, my online income earnings was great at just about $222, not bad!  (To check that out click: March 2010 Earnings) Some of you may now think, What did I have to do to improve my score 34 points!? Well here is my breakdown:

1.) Retweet Function - I added the retweet function to my blog posts.  This shows that it is getting around different social networking sites and that people are spreading my blog - those that are spreading, Thank you!  If you'd like to follow me, I am at @LannyB3123 , Follow me up!

2.) Metatag - I added Metatag to my blog layout, such as description, keywords, title, author etc.  This allows me to be picked up by google search results.

3.) Consistent Posts - I increased my posts and remained consistent throughout the month.  This helped have more pages on my blog and to have more "oomph" behind my website.  It is true that the more you post about what you enjoy, the better your site will be and the more traffic you will receive!  Post Often!

4.) Traffic - Tying into my last one, I have received so much more traffic this month!  That probably has to do with removing many google ads I had on here, cleaning up my template majorly and also taking out and customizing my widgets on my side bar.  I highly recommend not only having great and a lot of content, but also creating something that is pleasing to the eye.  If there is something that is not pleasing to your eye when reading my blog PLEASE post it below so I can fix it : ) Thanks!

5.) Pages - I have my sub pages at the top of my blog as you can see.  This is just another criteria they grade by and thus I created them and the template I am using makes it look much more professional and stands out so much before than earlier.

Okay, so those are 5 big reasons.  Well 62 is still a VERY LOW score, and I love receiving high grades, so what could I do now to up that grade?  Well, I am on google's blogger and that received some points being knocked off.  Since this is a free and hosted domain and includes .blogspot at the end of my site, it does bring my site down.  I therefore, within the coming weeks, probably move my site or purchase the domain - I will keep you updated on that.  Also, I need to keep posting.  I need to keep pouring my heart out on these posts!  I also need to build my followers to this blog, whether that be through posting more, having more twitter followers and/or other marketing techniques, I simply need more traffic.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog post on Easter Sunday!  I hope everyone was able to celebrate the Lord's day, I was able to go to Mass this morning at 7:30 Am (trust me I am feeling the effects of waking up early right now!).  I hope everyone had a great weekend and please post below on what else I can do to improve my blog!  Thanks!

-Lanny B.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010: Earnings Summary Report

Hey Everyone!  March has ended and April has begun!  The weather is shining, it's already 60 degrees here in NorthEast Ohio and well, better yet, I have my earnings summary report for the month to show you!!  This earnings report will be the first compilation of everything that I had done in the Month of March, which is different from the other 2 earnings statement strictly on google adsense alone.  I hope you all enjoy, the month of March was a great one!  Here is the breakdown:

  Fusion Cash $50.01
  eHow Earnings $15.09
  Google Adsense $59.73
  Inbox Dollars $29.62
  Cash Crate $22.24
  FireHow $0.46
  NeoBux $4.32
  Amazon Sales $18.97
  eBay Sales $0.00
  Swagbucks $5.00
  Big Crumbs $10.78
  People String $1.03
  Cashle $5.00
  SendEarnings $7.39
     Total $229.64

  Shipping Fees $7.71
     Total $7.71
Net Income $221.93

Wow!  That is all I have to say.  A nice $222 for the month of March is extremely nice!  I just started keeping a compilation report, but if one had to guess, I think that is around $75-100 more than February without a doubt!  What is so nice is that most of the earnings that are large are from less and less work and less and less time, which is really what Passive Income is truly about.  

What did I do different?  I created a different template for my blog which is more eye appealing, I used Pat Flynn's advice on creating a Favicon for my blog and was able to use other people's advice for blog suggestions.  Well, once I had a good base set in for a few of my sites such as Fusion Cash, Google Adsense, eHow and Inbox Dollars, I was able to place more focus on other sites to get those going as well such as Cash Crate, Send Earnings and Neobux.  I have created referrals and will hopefully transfer to an autopilot type mentality for those ones in this upcoming month.  As we all know, placing hard and focused efforts in at the beginning will bring wonderful results, just as we here in Northeast Ohio battle rough winters - the spring bells are ringing and flowers are blossoming (cliche I know!)  How did everyone else do this month?  I hope you saw a nice increase and were pleased with your results.  What had worked for you?  Feel free to post below and/or message me!  Thanks for checking this out!

-Lanny B. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Passive Income Topic: Dividend Investing

Hey Everyone!  It has been awhile since I have made a post, as I was in Chicago for 4 days ~ I am definitely not complaining though.  I would like to talk about a source of passive income in Dividend Investing.  I want to state that I do not recommend any of this to those that are weary or do not know much about investing, as it takes time to learn and study such topics, I simply am explaining what I have done and am doing.  Thank you.

Most people are afraid of the risk involved in the stock market - there can be risk, but only risk to the uneducated non-financial literate person.  I have began studying ways to receive other passive income routes and have stumbled on Dividend paying stocks.

A dividend, for those that do not know, are earnings shared by a corporation given back to the shareholders of stock in that corporation.  Some pay one annual dividend, others (Majority) pay quarterly dividends so that you receive 4 payments every year.  Example: One stock I own, I have 30 shares and their dividend yield is 60 cents per share. That is $18 and I will receive that every quarter or 4 times per year.

I am going to be purchasing dividend paying stocks with all of my free online money from Fusion Cash, Cash Crate, Inbox Dollars and other sites that I receive passive income from.  Therefore, I am investing with money I am willing to lose because it was free to begin with.  Of course I do my due diligence, I study probably from 50-100 different companies and narrow down my choices before purchasing their stock, so I ultimately want to win.

With dividend paying stocks they are taxed in a lower tax bracket then your normal income, because it is portfolio income.  In fact, this year, if you fall into the 2 lowest tax brackets and the dividends are qualified, you are not taxed at all!  Everything else would be 15% taxed, the tax codes are changing for 2011 however.

To conclude: Dividend Paying stocks are a great way to receive checks every quarter or every year and you really don't have to do much besides doing your homework and choosing the right stock to begin.  You can reinvest those dividends to purchase more of the stock to receive even more dividends in the future or you can use them on whatever you like.  There are tax advantages to them as well.  I wish you the best of luck on your journey, for free money sites that I use to invest go here: Passive Income Websites.   Thank you.

Again, I do not recommend any of this as I am not certified or a financial advisor.  I simply am explaining what I am doing and how I am doing it.  If anyone has any questions feel free to comment or message me.  Thanks.

-Lanny B.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Education and It's Importance to Passive Income

Hey everyone.  I wanted to stress the importance of education.  I have been a fond reader of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Mr. Kiyosaki and have learned many valuable points, as well as from my leadership graduate course that I am taking.

One not only needs to know technical things when it comes to solving problems and getting out of tough situations or just being in situations in general.  One needs to know how to work with people.  People and emotions change everyday or every second.  If one can understand him/herself and the people they are surrounded by they will be more successful.

A helpful tip to creating passive income I have learned is being very open minded and not only developing your financial education but also developing your emotional/personal education.  If you know someone who is earning thousdands of dollars per month of passive income, be their follower and have them be your mentor.  Understand what they do, have done and will do to ensure the income flow is there forever.  I know this doesn't really describe anything regarding a physical thing to receive passive income but I feel it is ever important to becoming free.

One needs to understand oneself and discover what they truly are passionate about.  You can turn that into a business and hire smart people to run your system and business, you can turn those passions into a blog and have multiple means of traffic to it and earn through affiliates and other forms of advertisements, you can have both and have a blog and a business and with the traffic driving them to your business website etc..

 If one can identify oneself, then they can put more of a focus on how to relate with others or how others are feeling and can relate to them.  Creating Passive Income can become powerful, with many advantages whether tax wise or life wise.  If you are open-minded and focused on others and the situation that is occurring, one can get a better education and really learn from them.  Be spontaneous and strike conversations with new people that are like-minded or not-like-minded as you are.  Put your guard down, the only thing that you are fearing is fear itself, which is just sad.

Passive Income can be made if one understands how they want to do it, the greater vision of what will bring it and continually education yourself not only technically but personally and emotionally with yourself and the people around you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Payment Proofs Today!

Hey Everyone!  I know I normally post a review on Thursdays regarding a site that I use to generate income, but I'd like to use today as a way to show payment proofs from last night and earlier this week.
Free Money at FusionCash!
1. As you can see, and if you have been paying attention to my blogs.  My Total Received has gone up from $33.80 to $65.60, a 31.80 increase.  I received my Payment from Fusion Cash last night.  Here is a picture of my payment proof.  Pretty nice!  You also notice from my banner above, that I have a higher worth, which means there is a $50+ disparity b/w that and my received money.  Why? Because Today I submitted another cash out of $50.01, which I will receive around this time in April.

2. Another cashout I received was for $10.78 from Big Crumbs

The $10.78 doesn't seem like a lot, but to me, anything that increases my cash flow is phenomenal.  Here is the Proof of this payment.  I love this place, simply because I will shop for my family, myself and friends and get a nice rebate back on my purchases.  I talked about this site around 1 month ago on Rebates from Online Shopping.

3. Another small cashout I received was from Cashle.  Now I know I haven't even talked about this site at all and haven't spend hardly a few mere minutes over there but received $4.00 (click $ for payment proof!).  Again, not crazy absurd money, but I simply transferred that money to an online merchant account and can deposit/use it where I please!  It's a fun site to earn though, I will probably update my sites this weekend.

4. One Last one that I will post is my Amazon $5 gift card that I used to purchase:
The gift card was from SwagBucks and I just love this site as you have so many options for what you want to do with your bucks you receive from there.
Search & Win
I like the amazon gift card option as you "get more punch for the buck" at a ratio of 90SwagBucks/$1  when compared to $5 paypal which is 140SBucks/$1.  Here is a pic of the Gift Card order: Proof.

As you can see these are a few, not all, of the simple things that have come my way from online websites.  I have put in less and less work on these sites above but am earning the standard if not more lately.  And that is what passive/residual income is about.  Less time, but the same, if not, greater reward.  Enjoy and Good Luck.  Does anyone have any similar payments from online sources this month?  Let me know, I am interested!

-Lanny B.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Money Online Site Review: Moola!

Hey Everyone ~ Today's Online Money Site review is: Moola!.  Of Course this site is Completely Free!  I will proceed to bring you information regarding my earnings to date, how you earn money on there, the payment process etc.

I have been a member on Moola since January of 2007 and have earned over $300+ and it has been fun and excellent all the way.  So how exactly do you earn money on this fun site!?...

Games.  That was my initial attraction to the site was because you earned based on games.  They start you out with 1 penny, and each game you can bet the amount you have to keep doubling your money.  Such as: Start with a penny, win a game, then you have 2 pennies.  Then you can play another game and bet the 2cents to earn 4 cents etc and it just keeps going until you are in 7+ Figures!  It all depends on how much you are willing to risk = it's free money anyway : )  

You can also earn money by doing the "Boosters" as you can see from the picture I have posted a little below.  These are basically little offers and surveys you can do through their booster zone, using services such as offer pal etc.  Pretty similar to Fusion Cash, Inbox Dollars and Cash Crate.  As you can see from the picture, I have earned quite a nice amount from doing these free offers/surveys.  They usually only take a few minutes to do and credit either instantly or within a few hours!  You probably remember me talking about this site on my first post regarding Free Ways to Earn Income & Create Passive Income online!

Referrals.  What would this item be doing in my Passive Income Blog if it weren't for a way to earn passive income?  Well of course with Moola you have referrals.  Not just normal one level or first tier referrals, they pay you for 4 levels/tiers of referrals.  Ex: You can earn from your referrals earnings/winnings but also from your referral's referral and so on for 4 levels.  You can really big a huge downline this way, put your feet up and watch your account grow!  If you have
friends and/or family members that would like to play games and earn while doing it, then this is a great site for them.  They have games such as High Low (which you just guess if next card is higher or lower), Rock Paper Scissors, Gold Rush, Place bets on sporting games/events and a few others.

Get on out there, have fun, play some games, invite your friends & family and earn some free money!  That is what is the best part = It is Free!  The Sky is Endless, Get after it!
Moola Mini Banner
Passive Income is knocking at your door and the question is: do you open it or not?  What is your favorite game on Moola?  Maybe we can play against each other!  Thanks for reading!

-Lanny B.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Extremely Important Tip: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FAIL

Failure: "An event that does not accomplish its intended purpose" (Dictionary)

Why is everyone so afraid to fail?  Why are we afraid to test boundaries and push limits?  My cousin Brent and I had a long discussion last night about failing.  Not about failure being an end, but failure in positive terms.  Failing is good.  No, I take that back.  Failing is GREAT.

Why does one need to fail?  My question to you is, how do we learn if we do not fail?  How do we know what works and what doesn't work?  That can be defined and discovered through attempts, failing and succeeding.

An example of this can be with working out - we are weakening and causing failure to our muscles during and after we finish our workouts.  Only when one does that that we become stronger, faster and smarter.  One can only succeed if we have reached a weakened or failed state - this helps us become stronger, wiser, stronger and more prepared to succeed.

How does this apply to passive income?  Easy.  We need to put our boundaries down, open our mind and TRY things out.  If we do not - we are LIMITING ourselves and placing up walls that we are AFRAID to climb over.  To create the ever-lasting passive income, we need to try things out and if we fail - so what?  We now have learned what didn't work, what we can approve upon and come back smarter and more keen on ideas that work.  We can dissect why it didn't work and figure out new methods to make our techniques work.  It's as easy as that.

We are coming out of a recession at the moment.  How does our country know how to do so?  Simple, from our past failures - we know what worked and what didn't.  We know how to control the money supply to shorten and curb the effects and inflation.  This is all thanks to our trying methods out, some failing and some succeeding, but it is in the failing where one learns the most.

My advice is this: Try everything, Be Entrepreneurial, Be Open Minded - DO NOT LIMIT YOUR MIND'S Capabilities!  Your mind is your greatest asset, one that you can receive a non-stop growth and return on if you exercise it.  Do Not Limit yourself, because that is when growth stops and new ideas will shut.  Take a step back and visualize your goals and dreams.  Discover ideas on how to get to where you'd like to be.  Do Not Be Afraid of Failing.  Be Smart with your decisions and leverage one's mind.  I know you can do it.  When you succeed it will be far greater than all of your failures combined, but know that without these failures, one will not succeed.

Enjoy Your Weekend Everyone - Be Open, Attempt, Fail to Succeed.

-Lanny B