Monday, March 8, 2010

Money Online Site Review: Inbox Dollars

Hey Everyone!  As noted yesterday, I will begin to post on sites that I currently am using to generate this Passive Income I keep talking about.  Since I have spoken about Fusion Cash already, I will be talking about Inbox Dollars.  I will talk in the order of how long I have been a member, how you can earn money in general from there, such as the lanes of income that it can provide you, my current amount as of today, and exactly how this can turn into free Passive Income Online.  Here We Go!

Inbox Dollars is a fantastic Site.  I have been a member since January 11, 2010, so around two months.  What attracted me to the site was the easy layout design, which leads to easy navigation, which equals out to a happy customer : ) - Always a plus!  I am current at as of 3/8/2010 - $28.16.  I know, it isn't thousands of dollars, but I have BARELY spent any time on there, I mean yes I have taken some time to learn the site (which will hopefully benefit you!) and earn some while doing it.

How am I earning from the site?  Well here are the methods: Free or Paid Offers, Cash Back from simply shopping online (I have 2 others sites that do there here), Free Surveys, $5 sign up bonus : ), receiving these PAID e-mails on a frequent daily basis (usually 1-3x per day!), and referrals. Basically it is all displayed below the methods that are used : ) To make things more visual.

I personally LOVE the paid e-mails.  They are normally worth around $.02 per piece, and it takes 2 seconds to receive it - beats the PTC ads thats for sure!  Offers usually take a few minutes, earning b/w $.25 - $3.00 for the free ones and up to $15 I believe for paid offers.  Surveys take around 5-10 minutes depending on what you get.  Now you may be asking yourself - how is this passive income if you are spending the time to earn it?  Answer: Referrals and Paid E-mails.

I earn a passive income on here because of my referrals and receiving paid emails.  For some it is extremely difficult to receive referrals, but I find it fun and easy - most coming from not even trying to receive a referral, such as this blog.  I like to get to know people, provide them with information on what they need.  Referrals will equal passive income because you receive a % of their earnings!  Paid e-mails are a source of passive income I consider, because you are rumbling through e-mails anyhow and it only takes 2 seconds to click on the email.  So in about 56 days I have earned over $28 with spending some time learning the site and talking to people, I'll take that any day.

Why Sign up for Inbox Dollars?  Well, there is a $5.00 sign up bonus (you are already on Top), it's fun and real easy to earn and with the opportunity of referrals - sky is the limit on this one as well.  This site relates to the few that I have talked about in my first post on this blog.  I actually have created a YouTube Video describing Inbox Dollars!

So what are you waiting for?  Go out there and earn some free money on Inbox Dollars.  I hope to see you around on there and enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by once again to all my readers - anyone have a similar great experience?  Please Comment below!  Talk to you all soon.                     -Lanny B. 

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