Monday, February 8, 2010

Free Ways to Generate Income Online!

(Updated March 7, 2010)
Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Thanks and welcome to my first blog! Of course, the topic is about making free money online, I know, I know - we have all heard, read and even committed a vast amount of time, energy and heck - even money for these sites. Well I want to simply skip all the bad and come out with great, well-proven ways to generate nice income online. This is perfect for a student (High School, College or Graduate), a stay at home Mother/Father and anyone else that seems to find free time here or there. I will Add sites that I currently am on and have proven that they are:
1. Free 2. Easy 3. No Stress

Please feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions or concerns, because I would love to help out anyone that is seeking to make a little extra each month. By the way I started these sites among the first week of the year 2010.

1. FusionCash  Payment Proof Here: Proof
Free Money at FusionCash!
Here, I have cashed out recently on January 14, 2010 for $35.55. I will receive the payment via PayPal on/around February 20th. I will explain the cash-out process after I explain the site. This site is free and SO easy. That is why I have it number 1. I have spent barely minutes/day and have generated what you see worth above in the banner. Also, signing up through the links or banner above provides you, the reader, with a $5.00 sign-up bonus! There you go - starting out up top already! In order for the $5.00 bonus MAKE SURE TO CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT via e-mail (same goes with the others listed)!!  It is easy to earn money on here, you simply fill out free surveys and free questionnaire type activities and the freebies usually range from $.50 all the way to $3.00. There are also daily ones that you can do every single day!!! So this site is a must for sure. The Cash-out process is: minimum of $25.00 and there are 3 methods: PayPal, Direct-Deposit and Check. They pay out the next month, so if you cash out anytime in January , you will receive the payment the middle of the following month. So sign up here: FusionCash and I will help you if need be!  Payment Proof Wants again here: Proof 

2. Inbox Dollars

Here is another site EXTREMELY similar to FusionCash listed above and the following, CashCrate, below. Again, very easy and there is a $5.00 sign up bonus to begin if clicked through my link. The process, and this goes for all, of signing up is extremely easy, free and risk-free. I have currently earned (as of 2/11/10) $24.11. So not too bad for spending a few minutes here or there. Also, they send Paid E-mails, which is great, and they come very frequent (usually a few times per day) so you are guaranteed to build some income that way.

3. CashCrate

This site has been wonderful as well. Not too sure how often my banner is updated, but as of (2/11/10) I have earned $14.75. The minimum cash-out is $20. Pretty similar to the other 2 listed above, therefore this is another great way to earn a little bit extra every month. Systems are fairly similar, with a bonus of either $2.5 or $3.00 for signing up through the link and/or banner above. You may be thinking, why is this 3rd on my list and not 2nd or 1st? Well, I feel that FusionCash credits faster, which is the most important part, InboxDollars has a nice/additional feature with paid e-mails, and CashCrate is simply just free offers like both of the two. That is why I have it listed third, which is still great, because it is a very easy, fast and, of course, free site. I do highly Recommend!

4. Moola!
Moola Mini Banner
This site I have been a member of for just about 3 years (off and on of course)!  It has been fun with them as they have games that literally earn you money!  They start you off with a penny every time you are at a zero balance.  Each game you have a chance to double that.  So think: .01+.01=.02, .02+.02=.04, .08, .16, .32, .64, 1.28, 2.56, 5.12, 10.24, 20.48, 40.96 etc etc.  So it is a very fun way to easily get to the $10 range within just 10 wins in a row!  They have a nice referral program as well, I believe it is a 4 tiered system.  I have cashed out quite a few times with my earnings being $184.76, and have only cashed out via check.  It is definitely a fun site to check out and they also offer similar "booster" system as the other 3 listed above.  So they intertwine various types of games (rock, paper, scissors; hi/low etc) along with boosters of doing free offers!  Try it out!

5. Prize Rebel

This site has been wonderful to me as well!  I have earned over $200 in merchandise from here including a $150 Apple Gift Card (which I used to help purchase my macbook).  You earn these Prize Rebel points from doing things similar in Fusion Cash, Cash Crate & Inbox Dollars.  You simply complete free offers and surveys, which equate out to points and you redeem these points for prizes of your choice!

6. Swag Bucks
Search & Win
Swag Bucks is hands down fun and awesome!  You get these "Swag Bucks" for searching on their engine, by entering Swag Codes and having referrals that give you 100% as well.  I have so far cashed out $50 in Restaurant Gift Cards, $25 total in Amazon Gift Cards and other various little gift payments such as 2 $5 Paypal payments.  A great site to earn some while doing what you already do!

7. People String

This site is definitely up and coming.  I was told about this site through some friends late in the year 2009 and never gave it much thought.  I watched a few videos from OldBuddy and wow, this site just seems awesome.  I have been on here earning people points and money for the last few weeks and it's just a great time.  Let me know if you have any questions about here!

8. Treasure Trooper

9. Bukisa

You Simply publish your articles, audio recordings and power point presentations on here.  It's similar to eHow but just expanded a bit.  They tell you what you will get paid, I believe per view, which is nice.  I just signed up for here on March 6, 2010.  So far so Good!  A very good layout and it's a pleasant experience all around.


  1. This is a GREAT list. Thanks for sharing. I am always looking for this stuff, but with the three small ones, I have limited time to check out the multitude of methods available. It's wonderful you are so generous--it makes it win-win for all of us. Thanks for visiting our blog, too, and commenting! Come back often, we try to update at least daily...

  2. I have pocketed over $1,400 from Fusioncash, good choice.

  3. This is how a make over $2,500 a month.
    Its Income For Life.

  4. Hey thanks for visiting everyone! These sites are amazing, I have just really gotten the ball rolling this 2010 year. Message me if you have any questions!