Thursday, February 11, 2010

This will lead to Passive Income...

Signing on and trying these sites out, will eventually lead to passive income? So what is Passive Income? It is when you don't have to spend time/resources to receive a cash flow (in short, I know). How is this possible?

Possibilities through sites below and above to earn passive income:

As a member of these sites, referrals will generate income for you. The more traffic you receive to blogs such as this, the more members/people click through your link to the given website and sign up.
Why would this create passive income? Well most sites, such as these listed, offer a bonus if you receive referrals. I know, don't hate me!! But it is a great opportunity nonetheless to spend fractions amount of time to earn the money yourself, but a nice perk is the referral system, which is the main benefit.

Okay, well how else can you create passive income if you are not receiving referrals?
Through various readings, from blogs that I have, articles etc,. etc., it does sometimes stem from advertising. I myself have not dove into this quite yet, but will update this post as necessary. You can have advertising on your website/blog, which will pay you on a stated basis, money. That is another avenue of passive income.

Through more research about blog, I learned that you can sometimes formulate your own e-book, this is usually recommended if you have a steady visitor flow. The e-book can almost be comprised of all blogs/information/advice/tips that you have created, with a little extra information etc.

Another avenue:
This might sound crazy, but it is true.  YOU can get PAID to write on  I am sure there are some things you are great at and can explain to others.  I have submitted mine in and there you go, you can create passive income because the more times it becomes read and appraised, the more revenue you earn!

As a 21 year old graduate student, I love to read and find out more ways concerning this. I currently am lucky at having more "free-time" to do this because of night classes etc, and currently receiving a steady income from online sources. As a beginner in passive income, I think these are great first steps. You will always need to spend time, but it is the time spent building knowledge on these topics that you will be doing.

After you build this solid foundation and receive a steady cash flow, you can go on to bigger things. What "bigger things" am I talking about? To start - Real Estate. Not these hundreds of thousands of dollars -real estate, you can start out small once again with foreclosures, etc., and build the asset column. You can then "rent" the space to the members of society and receive this new passage of passive income. I have probably spoke too much, too fast, without even explaining how, so I will end here for the day. Thanks for your time, and again, these few sites are a great way to begin: FusionCash, InboxDollars, CashCrate. Thank You.

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