Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whoa! Adsense Earnings and Viewer Update!!

Hey Everyone!  I have been blogging for roughly one week give or take a few days and finally am getting the hang of this!!  I first started out with a plain blog, not much of myself was on here, but wow, after a week - It is amazing how much you learn!  I want to thank all of the visitors and comments thus far and thank all of the bloggers out there that have helped ME along the way.  I am blown away by how much traffic I have received thus far from all 4 of my blog topics, it is just incredible.  I hopefully, since I am just starting/new at this, have Saturday updates on my Traffic and my Adsense earnings.

This Month I have used these tactics: Started a Facebook Fan page, a Facebook Group, placed tweets on Twitter, posted often, visited others blogs often (read and left comments) and really got to meet some wonderful people on here - all who have provided tips and advice, some of which I have blogged about, such as the Blog Tips page.  I want to thank everyone though, because with out you, these stats would not be possible whatsoever.  So Thank YOU!!

February 20th Stats Break Down

Blog Topics:
Passive Income      = Views: 310  Adsense = $3.48
MBA Experience  = Views: 96    Adsense = $17.52
Bank Bonuses       = Views: 128  Adsense = $3.87
Go Green!             = Views: 28    Adsense = $0.32
                   Totals = Views: 562  Adsense = $25.19

I will update this hopefully on the 27th of February, I may do the last day of February as it will be a "cap" for the month end.  How have you performed on your blog?  Any other great tactics seem to work?

-Lanny B.

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