Tuesday, February 16, 2010

E-Book your Way to Passive Income!

E-Book: A Book in Digital Form

I am a follower and constant reader of many blogs that are out here online.  Most start out blogging in SPECIFIC NICHE segments, such as this column you have all entered in, Creating Passive Income.  Therefore, all their posts have to do with one certain title.  I am here on my 6th post for one subject, already building up more content, and I have seen a huge increase in traffic/viewers over the past few days.  It honestly is true when they say more relevant content = more traffic, just to throw that out there.

So you have all of this traffic, right?  You have all of these blog posts that stretch for pages upon pages, full of helpful content and guidance, ..riiight?  Well in that case, one can consider compiling it all into one book, an E-Book.

Here is a good source to show you how: E-Book.

Now of course, you can easily just bring all of the blogs you have already made into the book without any change, but you should fix/"pretty" it up a bit.  Add pictures, more in-depth directions and place more feelings into the posts.  Properly set each section up, carefully reading it to make sure you follow.  You should have someone who has not read your blogs before, read your book you have created to see if he/she can follow it, to see if it makes sense and see if they can understand and really receive something in return after purchasing the E-Book.

After it is ready and up for sale, you can get to the point, where you fully automate the process system, and since it is in digital form, there is NO shipping, No hassle getting it ready, which means less time spent and more income you receive, which by definition is passive income.  You will never run out, never waste a tree (gotta go green!) and will be selling books while you sleep, while you are on a date, playing with your dog or creating more content-oriented posts.

This will also lead to further explorations after you create your first e-book... Which I will dive into in my next blog post.... Stay Tuned!

-Lanny B.

(P.S. I will Fill This is More When I gather More Data/Info)

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