Saturday, February 27, 2010

Traffic and Adsense Earnings Update 2/27/2010

Hey everyone - I know I was deciding on when to post my weekly stats update and well I wanted to do tomorrow but I figured I would do it today.  So here is the list as of around 2:30 PM on 2/27/2010: 

As you can see, I have improved pretty well from last week, except my earnings weren't that high of an increase, I mean 35.2% overall increase is great, but that came strictly from my passive income blog (this blog) so that doesn't say TOO much.  I need to finish up and add more to my blogs that aren't seeing that great of an increase.  I will start with traffic - bring more to my Going Green blog and the MBA Experience blog as those are my 2 lowest total traffic visitors.  I think bringing more traffic in should raise more of the other items - Adsense earnings because there are higher chances of clicks etc.   Thanks for checking it out and enjoy!  Any tips and suggestions that you have for me to improve my blogs?  Thanks for the advice!

-Lanny B

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sites used to Promote and Earn!

Hey everyone!  This is just a quick post on some some sites that I use to promote my webpages.  Most of these are pay-to-click (PTC) websites, but I use the funds to convert them into advertising dollars on their sites, so this is free and easy promotion for those getting started.  What else is nice is - options.  You can use the funds to promote your webpage or you can simply cash out the funds via check, PayPal or AlertPay.  So all in all, you are either earning free promotion or money for yourself!

1. ClixSense

This is a pretty neat site, because you can convert the points you get form viewing others and use that to advertise your own webpages.  I have received some traffic from doing this and is a very easy tool to use.

2. NeoBux

Again, very closely to what is stated above.  You can earn money from clicking and viewing others pages, and convert those funds to advertise your own services.   Very easy.

Extremely similar to the other 2 stated above, except the personal requirement to receive a check if you want to keep the money is slightly higher at, I believe, $10 minimum?

4. LinkReferral

Sorry to keep repeating - but this is a very easy site again to use.  What is great about this is you can see where your website is ranking in the category that you have it published but not only that but how you can INCREASE it in the rankings via looking at others pages, reviewing them etc.  I have definitely received traffic from here and even received a few referrals for my FusionCash account!

5. Adsense

6. Adz On Fire 

Again, these are sites so you can receive more feedback/hits on your own pages.  I don't think this should be your only method of getting traffic, because it would be too much work.  If you are trying to create Passive Income and are on sites that need referrals - then these sites definitely do help as you do get sign ups with enough participation.  All in all, these PTC sites are good if you are in need of promotion and would like an option of simply cashing out the earnings for oneself!  Enjoy!  P.S. Anyone have any experiences with the 4 sites above listed?  I would love to hear about them along with others that you currently use and work!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whoa! Adsense Earnings and Viewer Update!!

Hey Everyone!  I have been blogging for roughly one week give or take a few days and finally am getting the hang of this!!  I first started out with a plain blog, not much of myself was on here, but wow, after a week - It is amazing how much you learn!  I want to thank all of the visitors and comments thus far and thank all of the bloggers out there that have helped ME along the way.  I am blown away by how much traffic I have received thus far from all 4 of my blog topics, it is just incredible.  I hopefully, since I am just starting/new at this, have Saturday updates on my Traffic and my Adsense earnings.

This Month I have used these tactics: Started a Facebook Fan page, a Facebook Group, placed tweets on Twitter, posted often, visited others blogs often (read and left comments) and really got to meet some wonderful people on here - all who have provided tips and advice, some of which I have blogged about, such as the Blog Tips page.  I want to thank everyone though, because with out you, these stats would not be possible whatsoever.  So Thank YOU!!

February 20th Stats Break Down

Blog Topics:
Passive Income      = Views: 310  Adsense = $3.48
MBA Experience  = Views: 96    Adsense = $17.52
Bank Bonuses       = Views: 128  Adsense = $3.87
Go Green!             = Views: 28    Adsense = $0.32
                   Totals = Views: 562  Adsense = $25.19

I will update this hopefully on the 27th of February, I may do the last day of February as it will be a "cap" for the month end.  How have you performed on your blog?  Any other great tactics seem to work?

-Lanny B.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blog Tip for Beginners #2

Post Often

In order to develop more traffic to your blogs, you need to simply post more often.  I have been fairly consistent with posting and I feel that more traffic comes on days when I do post, then when I don't.  I did receive poorer results yesterday from this blog, in which I didn't post, when compared to Tuesday, which I did post.  So the Tip today is Post and Post Often.

What Kind of Posts?

Like I have stated in other blogs, post on topics you are passionate about, something that really excites you and that you know a great deal about.  Let the readers know that you can help in such a way or explain something in a better way than others, and the readers will flock.  I like to have different blogs for different topics, my Passive Income Blog, this one, I talk about things that tie in to passive income.  This tip DOES tie in to passive income believe it or not, because the more traffic you receive day in and day out, due to your increase in posts, will allow you to gradually post less, thus your time "posting" declines all the while your traffic is still increasing.  So less Time, more money from Google Adsense and other advertisers = creating that online passive income.  I have other blog sections that deal with Bank Bonuses, Going Green to Receive and my MBA Experience in my graduate program.  All of the posts on those blogs are in a specific niche and tie in with their main topic always.  This is Key

Posting often and more will drive more content to your blogs of course, which increases traffic to your blog, which increases the % chance of members clicking on Google Adsense/other Advertisers and/or your product/services, which thus increases your cash flow, which DING DING DING Creates Passive Income.

For beginning bloggers and bloggers alike, post often about niche, passionate topics and the reward will surely follow.  Thank you for reading my blog tip for today, does anyone else have any other successful tips to add?  Please comment below or feel free to message me.  Thanks!

-Lanny B.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog Tip for Beginners #1

Okay, well I have read many tips and have tried out different actions and here I have is an integral tip for beginning bloggers!

Comment, read and appreciate OTHER member's blogs. This is definitely important. It gives you more "Face" on others pages, thus individuals can visit your page when they see you post or see that you are a "follower". NOW before we get the wrong impression, I DO NOT recommend doing this purely to just become a follower of everyone and leave non-substance comments on their blogs, this might feel great in the short-term, but for Long-Term sustainability, it just will not work.

Have pure interest in the blogs that you read, follow the blogs that tend to your interests and send messages/comments on how you felt about them and how it relates to you. Having this will allow more traffic to your blogs, more connections to receive advice, guidance and tips on what you are doing wrong, right and what to improve upon.

In conclusion, be nice and open to fellow members on blogger and other blog web-pages. Show genuine interest and display your feelings in a kind post/comment. Rewards will come if you follow this and appreciate others work on their blogs. This is yet another step to create passive income online from the blogging-point-of-view. Thank you for reading and best of luck.

-Lanny B.

E-Book your Way to Passive Income!

E-Book: A Book in Digital Form

I am a follower and constant reader of many blogs that are out here online.  Most start out blogging in SPECIFIC NICHE segments, such as this column you have all entered in, Creating Passive Income.  Therefore, all their posts have to do with one certain title.  I am here on my 6th post for one subject, already building up more content, and I have seen a huge increase in traffic/viewers over the past few days.  It honestly is true when they say more relevant content = more traffic, just to throw that out there.

So you have all of this traffic, right?  You have all of these blog posts that stretch for pages upon pages, full of helpful content and guidance, ..riiight?  Well in that case, one can consider compiling it all into one book, an E-Book.

Here is a good source to show you how: E-Book.

Now of course, you can easily just bring all of the blogs you have already made into the book without any change, but you should fix/"pretty" it up a bit.  Add pictures, more in-depth directions and place more feelings into the posts.  Properly set each section up, carefully reading it to make sure you follow.  You should have someone who has not read your blogs before, read your book you have created to see if he/she can follow it, to see if it makes sense and see if they can understand and really receive something in return after purchasing the E-Book.

After it is ready and up for sale, you can get to the point, where you fully automate the process system, and since it is in digital form, there is NO shipping, No hassle getting it ready, which means less time spent and more income you receive, which by definition is passive income.  You will never run out, never waste a tree (gotta go green!) and will be selling books while you sleep, while you are on a date, playing with your dog or creating more content-oriented posts.

This will also lead to further explorations after you create your first e-book... Which I will dive into in my next blog post.... Stay Tuned!

-Lanny B.

(P.S. I will Fill This is More When I gather More Data/Info)

Friday, February 12, 2010

"The Gumball Machine" Theory to Passive Income

Has anyone heard of "The Gumball Machine" Theory?

Well, if so, then awesome, because you probably understand more than most.  If not, don't worry I will explain.  The Gumball Machine Theory has to do with an investment example that creates passive income.  Gumball Machines can range from $75-$200 depending on where you purchase them.  Lets create a scenario: You don't have excess funds to invest in real estate, invest into a ROTH IRA (Which I do recommend) but you do have $50-$200 dollars that you want to start earning this Passive Income off of.  You know a few local stores and other shops that have an entrance and possibly a "back" in the shop hang out spot for employees for break.  I will break down steps now:

Step 1: Purchase one gumball machine - there are many sites for this online and you can find one that you are attracted to.  Cost: $150 (Lets say - for example, of course)

Step 2: You receive the gumball machine and also buy gumballs from a distributor (normally less than 2-5cents/gumball so you can fill your machine very cheaply) - rough price $10.

Step 3: You ask the store if you can place the machine in the front or in the back for the employees.  Some will say yes, with no problem, others want a % of revenues etc.,

Step 4: Hypothetically, it was free to place one in.  Cost per gumball, lets say is 25 cents.  At the end of month one, go to the store, and check on the funds accumulated for the 30/31 days.  Wow - $50 not bad *we all know the children with parents ALWAYS want that gumball either entering or leaving the store : )

Step 5: You do this for 3 months, accumulating $150.  You just returned your investment of the machine.  Now you have created passive income, all you need is to buy and restock the inexpensive gumballs.

Step 6: Why stop?  Search and visit other stores/shops and find others to place another machine.  Therefore, lets say (of course), with 2 = $100/month, 3 = $150/month

If you purchase 3, at a sunk cost of $450, with 12 months you would receive = $1,800 (12x150).  That is a 400% return, with expenses of gumballs probably high 300 Percentile.  This is an example, and also is true for people that pursue this, for amazing potential of Passive Income.  Such simple ideas that work.  When you think of these ideas, pursue them, evaluate it, realize what you are getting into and go for it.  You need to feel confident in what you want to pursue, don't pay attention to others putting down your ideas and saying "that won't work" or "that is too risky".  You can create passive income, I know you can.  Make your money work for you, do not work for your money! Thank you and best of luck!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Creating Passive Income from a Blog

After reading my previous 3 blogs below, I describe how to create passive income from a blog.
I have used blogger, which is a nice program through Google's services.  It was easy for me to set up, as I have had it up for a few days now and the process was effortless.  I will list a few important tips now that may lead blogging to what we all want, passive income:

1.) Content.
First and foremost you need content.  Why would someone read and visit your blog?  What is different from the other blogs that are out there?  You can generate these ideas based on personal interest/passionate topics and/or from topics that are relevant in today's life that people are affected by, that will drive traffic.  From my studies in business school, you always talk about, "What can separate you from the rest and drive that SUSTAINABLE competitive advantage?"  Well, I hope to do that by bringing up great ideas and methods on here, my personal flare, and I also have another blog created that is on my experience as an MBA-Finance graduate student.

2.) Google Adsense - AKA Advertising
So you are all thinking - how does this bring income?  Traffic will bring income when you have advertisements.  The more advertising you have on your blog pages, the more revenue you will receive.  Right?  Well, as long as you have TRAFFIC, that is based on CONTENT (Step 1), yes you will see a stream of revenue.  Google has their own Adsense, which I use, as you can see to the right.
Income/Ad =  Click Through Value X Fractional Payout X Click Through Rate X Page Traffic X Display Frequency
Amazon also has an advertising revenue, so if you, yes, you, that are reading this - if you make a purchase - use the search box up top : ) hehe.  Just kidding - but that is what I mean, the more hits you get, the more revenue you make as long as you have advertising, which comes back to the first step - your content.  I also am a new member to Bidvertiser
Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

3.) EBook
..(I will talk about this when I reach this point : )

Be indexed by Google, Yahoo and the other Major Players.  There are many sites to help enable you to enter the search results.  Since blogger is a google service, I have used: Google Webmaster Tools
They have nice directions on helping you get verified through Google and be placed on their search results.  For Yahoo!, I have been using MyBlog, it is very nice, convenient and there are a lot of users to help look at your page/blogs etc, creating more hits, further helping you on becoming indexed, here is where you submit your URL for Yahoo!.  Also, Bing is a new/booming search engine through Microsoft, here is their Webmaster kit link: Bing Webmaster Center.  The directions are fairly easy, but comment or message me if you don't know how exactly.

Rebates for Shopping Online!

Hello All! I wanted to share with you the sites that will give you a "kickback"/rebate when you go through their site first, then clicking the merchant you are looking for through there, clicking the link and continuing your purchase. I have received as much as a 20% kickback on a purchase doing this! I will describe the two that I use below!

1. BigCrumbs!  Proof Click here: Proof 

Hands Down, this site is phenomenal. I have earned close to $200 in rebates from simply shopping online. It is amazing, especially if you do a lot of Christmas shopping online, as I did last Christmas - Saving around $40!! Also, if you shop for textbooks, we know they can be expensive, go through here first and earn a rebate back!! There are sites such as:,, Target, Kohls,, the list really goes on! Send me an e-mail or post below if you don't understand how it works, are having trouble navigating through the website etc. Thanks and enjoy!  Proof again: Proof 

2. eBates
Very similar to BigCrumbs above, this site offers a very competitive kick-back % on your purchase with extremely identical vendors to Big Crumbs; such as eBay,, Apple, Kohls, Target, Walmart, Macy's etc.  They offer a $5.00 bonus after your first purchase which is extremely nice.  Click the link and check it out! Thanks!

This will lead to Passive Income...

Signing on and trying these sites out, will eventually lead to passive income? So what is Passive Income? It is when you don't have to spend time/resources to receive a cash flow (in short, I know). How is this possible?

Possibilities through sites below and above to earn passive income:

As a member of these sites, referrals will generate income for you. The more traffic you receive to blogs such as this, the more members/people click through your link to the given website and sign up.
Why would this create passive income? Well most sites, such as these listed, offer a bonus if you receive referrals. I know, don't hate me!! But it is a great opportunity nonetheless to spend fractions amount of time to earn the money yourself, but a nice perk is the referral system, which is the main benefit.

Okay, well how else can you create passive income if you are not receiving referrals?
Through various readings, from blogs that I have, articles etc,. etc., it does sometimes stem from advertising. I myself have not dove into this quite yet, but will update this post as necessary. You can have advertising on your website/blog, which will pay you on a stated basis, money. That is another avenue of passive income.

Through more research about blog, I learned that you can sometimes formulate your own e-book, this is usually recommended if you have a steady visitor flow. The e-book can almost be comprised of all blogs/information/advice/tips that you have created, with a little extra information etc.

Another avenue:
This might sound crazy, but it is true.  YOU can get PAID to write on  I am sure there are some things you are great at and can explain to others.  I have submitted mine in and there you go, you can create passive income because the more times it becomes read and appraised, the more revenue you earn!

As a 21 year old graduate student, I love to read and find out more ways concerning this. I currently am lucky at having more "free-time" to do this because of night classes etc, and currently receiving a steady income from online sources. As a beginner in passive income, I think these are great first steps. You will always need to spend time, but it is the time spent building knowledge on these topics that you will be doing.

After you build this solid foundation and receive a steady cash flow, you can go on to bigger things. What "bigger things" am I talking about? To start - Real Estate. Not these hundreds of thousands of dollars -real estate, you can start out small once again with foreclosures, etc., and build the asset column. You can then "rent" the space to the members of society and receive this new passage of passive income. I have probably spoke too much, too fast, without even explaining how, so I will end here for the day. Thanks for your time, and again, these few sites are a great way to begin: FusionCash, InboxDollars, CashCrate. Thank You.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Free Ways to Generate Income Online!

(Updated March 7, 2010)
Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Thanks and welcome to my first blog! Of course, the topic is about making free money online, I know, I know - we have all heard, read and even committed a vast amount of time, energy and heck - even money for these sites. Well I want to simply skip all the bad and come out with great, well-proven ways to generate nice income online. This is perfect for a student (High School, College or Graduate), a stay at home Mother/Father and anyone else that seems to find free time here or there. I will Add sites that I currently am on and have proven that they are:
1. Free 2. Easy 3. No Stress

Please feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions or concerns, because I would love to help out anyone that is seeking to make a little extra each month. By the way I started these sites among the first week of the year 2010.

1. FusionCash  Payment Proof Here: Proof
Free Money at FusionCash!
Here, I have cashed out recently on January 14, 2010 for $35.55. I will receive the payment via PayPal on/around February 20th. I will explain the cash-out process after I explain the site. This site is free and SO easy. That is why I have it number 1. I have spent barely minutes/day and have generated what you see worth above in the banner. Also, signing up through the links or banner above provides you, the reader, with a $5.00 sign-up bonus! There you go - starting out up top already! In order for the $5.00 bonus MAKE SURE TO CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT via e-mail (same goes with the others listed)!!  It is easy to earn money on here, you simply fill out free surveys and free questionnaire type activities and the freebies usually range from $.50 all the way to $3.00. There are also daily ones that you can do every single day!!! So this site is a must for sure. The Cash-out process is: minimum of $25.00 and there are 3 methods: PayPal, Direct-Deposit and Check. They pay out the next month, so if you cash out anytime in January , you will receive the payment the middle of the following month. So sign up here: FusionCash and I will help you if need be!  Payment Proof Wants again here: Proof 

2. Inbox Dollars

Here is another site EXTREMELY similar to FusionCash listed above and the following, CashCrate, below. Again, very easy and there is a $5.00 sign up bonus to begin if clicked through my link. The process, and this goes for all, of signing up is extremely easy, free and risk-free. I have currently earned (as of 2/11/10) $24.11. So not too bad for spending a few minutes here or there. Also, they send Paid E-mails, which is great, and they come very frequent (usually a few times per day) so you are guaranteed to build some income that way.

3. CashCrate

This site has been wonderful as well. Not too sure how often my banner is updated, but as of (2/11/10) I have earned $14.75. The minimum cash-out is $20. Pretty similar to the other 2 listed above, therefore this is another great way to earn a little bit extra every month. Systems are fairly similar, with a bonus of either $2.5 or $3.00 for signing up through the link and/or banner above. You may be thinking, why is this 3rd on my list and not 2nd or 1st? Well, I feel that FusionCash credits faster, which is the most important part, InboxDollars has a nice/additional feature with paid e-mails, and CashCrate is simply just free offers like both of the two. That is why I have it listed third, which is still great, because it is a very easy, fast and, of course, free site. I do highly Recommend!

4. Moola!
Moola Mini Banner
This site I have been a member of for just about 3 years (off and on of course)!  It has been fun with them as they have games that literally earn you money!  They start you off with a penny every time you are at a zero balance.  Each game you have a chance to double that.  So think: .01+.01=.02, .02+.02=.04, .08, .16, .32, .64, 1.28, 2.56, 5.12, 10.24, 20.48, 40.96 etc etc.  So it is a very fun way to easily get to the $10 range within just 10 wins in a row!  They have a nice referral program as well, I believe it is a 4 tiered system.  I have cashed out quite a few times with my earnings being $184.76, and have only cashed out via check.  It is definitely a fun site to check out and they also offer similar "booster" system as the other 3 listed above.  So they intertwine various types of games (rock, paper, scissors; hi/low etc) along with boosters of doing free offers!  Try it out!

5. Prize Rebel

This site has been wonderful to me as well!  I have earned over $200 in merchandise from here including a $150 Apple Gift Card (which I used to help purchase my macbook).  You earn these Prize Rebel points from doing things similar in Fusion Cash, Cash Crate & Inbox Dollars.  You simply complete free offers and surveys, which equate out to points and you redeem these points for prizes of your choice!

6. Swag Bucks
Search & Win
Swag Bucks is hands down fun and awesome!  You get these "Swag Bucks" for searching on their engine, by entering Swag Codes and having referrals that give you 100% as well.  I have so far cashed out $50 in Restaurant Gift Cards, $25 total in Amazon Gift Cards and other various little gift payments such as 2 $5 Paypal payments.  A great site to earn some while doing what you already do!

7. People String

This site is definitely up and coming.  I was told about this site through some friends late in the year 2009 and never gave it much thought.  I watched a few videos from OldBuddy and wow, this site just seems awesome.  I have been on here earning people points and money for the last few weeks and it's just a great time.  Let me know if you have any questions about here!

8. Treasure Trooper

9. Bukisa

You Simply publish your articles, audio recordings and power point presentations on here.  It's similar to eHow but just expanded a bit.  They tell you what you will get paid, I believe per view, which is nice.  I just signed up for here on March 6, 2010.  So far so Good!  A very good layout and it's a pleasant experience all around.