About Me

Hey Everyone!  My Name is Lanny and I am happy that you have all came to my blog page.  A little about me - I am a recent graduate at The University of Akron earning my B.S. in accounting in the fall of 2009.  I am a current Graduate Student in the MBA-Finance program, also, at The University of Akron (To see my experience click here).  I love reading books and find new ways to the methodology and journey to passive income.  I enjoy being green, helping others, being involved with my parish and just plain meeting new people.  

I recently have read many books such as - Rich Dad, Poor Dad and 4-hour Work week and became struck with a "bolt" of knowledge and intelligence about the concept of money.  It is a funny thing isn't it?  My life had changed after reading these beautiful works.  Therefore, I have decided to spend my time when I am not studying for my classes, to find ways and learn about this "passive income" concept.  I am going to share my journey through it, the methods I use, the sites that I belong to and describe what works and what does not.  I will be dedicating these posts to describe elements and credited ways that I have done to receive income online on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis. I will provide tips, guidance and advice for everyone to help achieve their dream of passive income. If you don't want to put any time into it, chances are, that this will not work. Of course, with hard work in the beginning, it will all pay off in good time, this I promise. 

Please take a look at my posts, as I know they have begun to provide me a steady stream of cash flow and do work quite well. Please message, e-mail (LRB3123@gmail.com), and/or comment below if you'd like to get ahold of me, I typically respond within the hour. Good Luck and Enjoy!

Thank You,

-Lanny Berlingieri