Fusion Cash!

Hey Everyone!  This will be a page dedicated to my favorite site to earn easy free money - FusionCash!  Here is my banner --> Free Money at FusionCash!

As you can see I have earned quite a bit and I only started on January 1, 2010!!  I have been on autopilot since around early February and it has been just wonderful.  I have 2 videos listed below for how to sign up and earn bonuses on Fusion Cash, which is all fun and fairly easy!  The minimum cash-out for this site is $25 - which you can get easily - depending on your drive.  Here is a picture of my payment proof from my last months cash out that was paid in February on the 18th I believe.  I do highly recommend this site as it helps create a nice stream of income.  Enjoy and feel free to ask me any questions!  For other sites similar to this you can go to my first blog about sites I use to create income.