Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sites used to Promote and Earn!

Hey everyone!  This is just a quick post on some some sites that I use to promote my webpages.  Most of these are pay-to-click (PTC) websites, but I use the funds to convert them into advertising dollars on their sites, so this is free and easy promotion for those getting started.  What else is nice is - options.  You can use the funds to promote your webpage or you can simply cash out the funds via check, PayPal or AlertPay.  So all in all, you are either earning free promotion or money for yourself!

1. ClixSense

This is a pretty neat site, because you can convert the points you get form viewing others and use that to advertise your own webpages.  I have received some traffic from doing this and is a very easy tool to use.

2. NeoBux

Again, very closely to what is stated above.  You can earn money from clicking and viewing others pages, and convert those funds to advertise your own services.   Very easy.

Extremely similar to the other 2 stated above, except the personal requirement to receive a check if you want to keep the money is slightly higher at, I believe, $10 minimum?

4. LinkReferral

Sorry to keep repeating - but this is a very easy site again to use.  What is great about this is you can see where your website is ranking in the category that you have it published but not only that but how you can INCREASE it in the rankings via looking at others pages, reviewing them etc.  I have definitely received traffic from here and even received a few referrals for my FusionCash account!

5. Adsense

6. Adz On Fire 

Again, these are sites so you can receive more feedback/hits on your own pages.  I don't think this should be your only method of getting traffic, because it would be too much work.  If you are trying to create Passive Income and are on sites that need referrals - then these sites definitely do help as you do get sign ups with enough participation.  All in all, these PTC sites are good if you are in need of promotion and would like an option of simply cashing out the earnings for oneself!  Enjoy!  P.S. Anyone have any experiences with the 4 sites above listed?  I would love to hear about them along with others that you currently use and work!


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