Saturday, February 27, 2010

Traffic and Adsense Earnings Update 2/27/2010

Hey everyone - I know I was deciding on when to post my weekly stats update and well I wanted to do tomorrow but I figured I would do it today.  So here is the list as of around 2:30 PM on 2/27/2010: 

As you can see, I have improved pretty well from last week, except my earnings weren't that high of an increase, I mean 35.2% overall increase is great, but that came strictly from my passive income blog (this blog) so that doesn't say TOO much.  I need to finish up and add more to my blogs that aren't seeing that great of an increase.  I will start with traffic - bring more to my Going Green blog and the MBA Experience blog as those are my 2 lowest total traffic visitors.  I think bringing more traffic in should raise more of the other items - Adsense earnings because there are higher chances of clicks etc.   Thanks for checking it out and enjoy!  Any tips and suggestions that you have for me to improve my blogs?  Thanks for the advice!

-Lanny B


  1. 32 % Increase is excellent - Keep that up every month and you'll be on your way to Financial Freedom.

  2. Hey Rod, Thanks for the visit and feedback! I hope to keep up the growth and I will keep my readers updated! Talk to you soon!

    -Lanny B.