Thursday, February 11, 2010

Creating Passive Income from a Blog

After reading my previous 3 blogs below, I describe how to create passive income from a blog.
I have used blogger, which is a nice program through Google's services.  It was easy for me to set up, as I have had it up for a few days now and the process was effortless.  I will list a few important tips now that may lead blogging to what we all want, passive income:

1.) Content.
First and foremost you need content.  Why would someone read and visit your blog?  What is different from the other blogs that are out there?  You can generate these ideas based on personal interest/passionate topics and/or from topics that are relevant in today's life that people are affected by, that will drive traffic.  From my studies in business school, you always talk about, "What can separate you from the rest and drive that SUSTAINABLE competitive advantage?"  Well, I hope to do that by bringing up great ideas and methods on here, my personal flare, and I also have another blog created that is on my experience as an MBA-Finance graduate student.

2.) Google Adsense - AKA Advertising
So you are all thinking - how does this bring income?  Traffic will bring income when you have advertisements.  The more advertising you have on your blog pages, the more revenue you will receive.  Right?  Well, as long as you have TRAFFIC, that is based on CONTENT (Step 1), yes you will see a stream of revenue.  Google has their own Adsense, which I use, as you can see to the right.
Income/Ad =  Click Through Value X Fractional Payout X Click Through Rate X Page Traffic X Display Frequency
Amazon also has an advertising revenue, so if you, yes, you, that are reading this - if you make a purchase - use the search box up top : ) hehe.  Just kidding - but that is what I mean, the more hits you get, the more revenue you make as long as you have advertising, which comes back to the first step - your content.  I also am a new member to Bidvertiser
Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

3.) EBook
..(I will talk about this when I reach this point : )

Be indexed by Google, Yahoo and the other Major Players.  There are many sites to help enable you to enter the search results.  Since blogger is a google service, I have used: Google Webmaster Tools
They have nice directions on helping you get verified through Google and be placed on their search results.  For Yahoo!, I have been using MyBlog, it is very nice, convenient and there are a lot of users to help look at your page/blogs etc, creating more hits, further helping you on becoming indexed, here is where you submit your URL for Yahoo!.  Also, Bing is a new/booming search engine through Microsoft, here is their Webmaster kit link: Bing Webmaster Center.  The directions are fairly easy, but comment or message me if you don't know how exactly.


  1. Hi Lanny,

    THANK SO MUCH! I had a blog with content before, and was using MyBlogLog, StumbleUpon, and Digg, but I didn't know to register the sites with the search engines!

    Also, I'm a current member of Inbox Dollars (and LOVING it - I make about $40 a year) so I can't sign up under you there. But I do plan to sign up at Fusion under you.

    If you could return the favor and sign up under me at

    I would be STOKED! Hits4Pay gives you a TEN $10 sign up bonus, and also pays right into your PayPal account. They also give nicer referral bonuses than a lot of the other companies out there! I make about $50 a year there currently and hope it will keep going up!

    OH! One last thing, is also a good place to promote your blog!


  2. Thanks Mae! Make sure you confirm your accounts etc with the verification e-mails. I did check out hits4pay and my acct is waiting approval! I want to say I may have tried it awhile back, but I will look further! message me if you have any questions and need help on how to start earning, that is what I am here for!

  3. hello lanny,
    Thanks alots for the great work,i had well understood about what you had explain about blogging,it is indeed what i am looking for.