Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blog Tip for Beginners #2

Post Often

In order to develop more traffic to your blogs, you need to simply post more often.  I have been fairly consistent with posting and I feel that more traffic comes on days when I do post, then when I don't.  I did receive poorer results yesterday from this blog, in which I didn't post, when compared to Tuesday, which I did post.  So the Tip today is Post and Post Often.

What Kind of Posts?

Like I have stated in other blogs, post on topics you are passionate about, something that really excites you and that you know a great deal about.  Let the readers know that you can help in such a way or explain something in a better way than others, and the readers will flock.  I like to have different blogs for different topics, my Passive Income Blog, this one, I talk about things that tie in to passive income.  This tip DOES tie in to passive income believe it or not, because the more traffic you receive day in and day out, due to your increase in posts, will allow you to gradually post less, thus your time "posting" declines all the while your traffic is still increasing.  So less Time, more money from Google Adsense and other advertisers = creating that online passive income.  I have other blog sections that deal with Bank Bonuses, Going Green to Receive and my MBA Experience in my graduate program.  All of the posts on those blogs are in a specific niche and tie in with their main topic always.  This is Key

Posting often and more will drive more content to your blogs of course, which increases traffic to your blog, which increases the % chance of members clicking on Google Adsense/other Advertisers and/or your product/services, which thus increases your cash flow, which DING DING DING Creates Passive Income.

For beginning bloggers and bloggers alike, post often about niche, passionate topics and the reward will surely follow.  Thank you for reading my blog tip for today, does anyone else have any other successful tips to add?  Please comment below or feel free to message me.  Thanks!

-Lanny B.

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