Thursday, March 18, 2010

Payment Proofs Today!

Hey Everyone!  I know I normally post a review on Thursdays regarding a site that I use to generate income, but I'd like to use today as a way to show payment proofs from last night and earlier this week.
Free Money at FusionCash!
1. As you can see, and if you have been paying attention to my blogs.  My Total Received has gone up from $33.80 to $65.60, a 31.80 increase.  I received my Payment from Fusion Cash last night.  Here is a picture of my payment proof.  Pretty nice!  You also notice from my banner above, that I have a higher worth, which means there is a $50+ disparity b/w that and my received money.  Why? Because Today I submitted another cash out of $50.01, which I will receive around this time in April.

2. Another cashout I received was for $10.78 from Big Crumbs

The $10.78 doesn't seem like a lot, but to me, anything that increases my cash flow is phenomenal.  Here is the Proof of this payment.  I love this place, simply because I will shop for my family, myself and friends and get a nice rebate back on my purchases.  I talked about this site around 1 month ago on Rebates from Online Shopping.

3. Another small cashout I received was from Cashle.  Now I know I haven't even talked about this site at all and haven't spend hardly a few mere minutes over there but received $4.00 (click $ for payment proof!).  Again, not crazy absurd money, but I simply transferred that money to an online merchant account and can deposit/use it where I please!  It's a fun site to earn though, I will probably update my sites this weekend.

4. One Last one that I will post is my Amazon $5 gift card that I used to purchase:
The gift card was from SwagBucks and I just love this site as you have so many options for what you want to do with your bucks you receive from there.
Search & Win
I like the amazon gift card option as you "get more punch for the buck" at a ratio of 90SwagBucks/$1  when compared to $5 paypal which is 140SBucks/$1.  Here is a pic of the Gift Card order: Proof.

As you can see these are a few, not all, of the simple things that have come my way from online websites.  I have put in less and less work on these sites above but am earning the standard if not more lately.  And that is what passive/residual income is about.  Less time, but the same, if not, greater reward.  Enjoy and Good Luck.  Does anyone have any similar payments from online sources this month?  Let me know, I am interested!

-Lanny B.

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