Saturday, March 13, 2010

Extremely Important Tip: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO FAIL

Failure: "An event that does not accomplish its intended purpose" (Dictionary)

Why is everyone so afraid to fail?  Why are we afraid to test boundaries and push limits?  My cousin Brent and I had a long discussion last night about failing.  Not about failure being an end, but failure in positive terms.  Failing is good.  No, I take that back.  Failing is GREAT.

Why does one need to fail?  My question to you is, how do we learn if we do not fail?  How do we know what works and what doesn't work?  That can be defined and discovered through attempts, failing and succeeding.

An example of this can be with working out - we are weakening and causing failure to our muscles during and after we finish our workouts.  Only when one does that that we become stronger, faster and smarter.  One can only succeed if we have reached a weakened or failed state - this helps us become stronger, wiser, stronger and more prepared to succeed.

How does this apply to passive income?  Easy.  We need to put our boundaries down, open our mind and TRY things out.  If we do not - we are LIMITING ourselves and placing up walls that we are AFRAID to climb over.  To create the ever-lasting passive income, we need to try things out and if we fail - so what?  We now have learned what didn't work, what we can approve upon and come back smarter and more keen on ideas that work.  We can dissect why it didn't work and figure out new methods to make our techniques work.  It's as easy as that.

We are coming out of a recession at the moment.  How does our country know how to do so?  Simple, from our past failures - we know what worked and what didn't.  We know how to control the money supply to shorten and curb the effects and inflation.  This is all thanks to our trying methods out, some failing and some succeeding, but it is in the failing where one learns the most.

My advice is this: Try everything, Be Entrepreneurial, Be Open Minded - DO NOT LIMIT YOUR MIND'S Capabilities!  Your mind is your greatest asset, one that you can receive a non-stop growth and return on if you exercise it.  Do Not Limit yourself, because that is when growth stops and new ideas will shut.  Take a step back and visualize your goals and dreams.  Discover ideas on how to get to where you'd like to be.  Do Not Be Afraid of Failing.  Be Smart with your decisions and leverage one's mind.  I know you can do it.  When you succeed it will be far greater than all of your failures combined, but know that without these failures, one will not succeed.

Enjoy Your Weekend Everyone - Be Open, Attempt, Fail to Succeed.

-Lanny B

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