Friday, April 16, 2010

Online Money Site Review: Cashle

Hey Everyone - It's Friday and today I want to bring an Online Money Making Site that I use called Cashle.  It is very similar but very different in a lot of ways when standing it up next to the other GPT (Get Paid To) Sites.  Here is a breakdown of my stats/earnings so far:

So you can see I have made around $25 so far (1541 points = $15.41 and then add the cash)
I used the points to buy a book and I have withdrawn the cash
Proof 1        Proof 2

How do I earn?  Very Easy, here is another little breakdown:
Daily Clicks - You get around 20 - 30 daily clicks and they intertwine with 2 different websites.  Some are for Cashle, others are for Points2Shop <-- they are both the same except one is on a cash system and the other is on a point system.  Each click is worth one cent, so doing 30 per day for 30 days gives you about $9.00 that month already.
Daily Surveys - Like any other site you receive Daily Surveys, which can range from $.25 - $1.00 and there are multiple ones that you can do in a single day.
Free Offers - Similar to other sites I have spoken about, there are free offers that one can do, with earnings ranging from $.15 - $3.00 for free offers.  It is an excellent way to make some fast, free money!
Paid offers - Of course there are the higher payout offers if one would like to do paid offers.

So what Makes THEM different?  Easy - They offer games to play, where you can wager your points to earn even more through card games and others.  They have monthly contests that can be based on how many offers you completed, referrals you have received, merit points your team has came up with (Info on this below) etc.  It's a very cool way to earn more.  Also, after every offer you complete you get to spin a wheel to either earn more money, more points, more merit points or tickets to their prize drawings!

Merit Points - There are quests that you do throughout the site that earns you merit points.  When you have enough merit points, you can create/join a team that also has a lot of merit points.  Each month, they give cash/point prizes to the top teams with the most merit points - so that is just another way to earn some more money!

Does anyone else have great experience with the site?  I know I have so far, with the earnings from here, I have been able to purchase a book and cash out twice (which by the way, cashing out minimum is $1.00 if you do alert pay or paypal!!!!).  I hope you enjoy, and go earn that free money at Cashle!

-Lanny B

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