Sunday, April 4, 2010

Website Grader - Analyzing Your Blog/Website

Pat Flynn over at his Smart Passive Income blog described in an earlier post about using the Website Grader tool from Hub Stop and to receive an analysis on your blog and/or website.  I did so when he first introduce his post and wow was I embarrassed and surprised.  My Website Grade was ....
a low 28.

I could have taken this grade in a very negative way, but instead, I read what and why I was graded so and what I could do to improve.  Well, I just submitted it again and my score has jumped tremendously.  Let's say it went from 28 and in less than a month jumped all the way to 62!!  Wow!  Incredible!  Here is my picture of my grader:
The Website Grade for!

 I am so excited!  I want to thank everyone that has been here since the beginning back in middle of February.  My blog is a complete 180 degrees different than it was from when I first started.  Also, my online income earnings was great at just about $222, not bad!  (To check that out click: March 2010 Earnings) Some of you may now think, What did I have to do to improve my score 34 points!? Well here is my breakdown:

1.) Retweet Function - I added the retweet function to my blog posts.  This shows that it is getting around different social networking sites and that people are spreading my blog - those that are spreading, Thank you!  If you'd like to follow me, I am at @LannyB3123 , Follow me up!

2.) Metatag - I added Metatag to my blog layout, such as description, keywords, title, author etc.  This allows me to be picked up by google search results.

3.) Consistent Posts - I increased my posts and remained consistent throughout the month.  This helped have more pages on my blog and to have more "oomph" behind my website.  It is true that the more you post about what you enjoy, the better your site will be and the more traffic you will receive!  Post Often!

4.) Traffic - Tying into my last one, I have received so much more traffic this month!  That probably has to do with removing many google ads I had on here, cleaning up my template majorly and also taking out and customizing my widgets on my side bar.  I highly recommend not only having great and a lot of content, but also creating something that is pleasing to the eye.  If there is something that is not pleasing to your eye when reading my blog PLEASE post it below so I can fix it : ) Thanks!

5.) Pages - I have my sub pages at the top of my blog as you can see.  This is just another criteria they grade by and thus I created them and the template I am using makes it look much more professional and stands out so much before than earlier.

Okay, so those are 5 big reasons.  Well 62 is still a VERY LOW score, and I love receiving high grades, so what could I do now to up that grade?  Well, I am on google's blogger and that received some points being knocked off.  Since this is a free and hosted domain and includes .blogspot at the end of my site, it does bring my site down.  I therefore, within the coming weeks, probably move my site or purchase the domain - I will keep you updated on that.  Also, I need to keep posting.  I need to keep pouring my heart out on these posts!  I also need to build my followers to this blog, whether that be through posting more, having more twitter followers and/or other marketing techniques, I simply need more traffic.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog post on Easter Sunday!  I hope everyone was able to celebrate the Lord's day, I was able to go to Mass this morning at 7:30 Am (trust me I am feeling the effects of waking up early right now!).  I hope everyone had a great weekend and please post below on what else I can do to improve my blog!  Thanks!

-Lanny B.

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