Monday, April 12, 2010

What to do after receiving Passive Income?

Many of us that have received passive income whether that be through real estate, stocks/dividends, online websites such as Fusion Cash and Cash Crate, do not have any idea what to do with the funds that we receive.  I will briefly go over a few options that one can do with it that is in a productive manner.

1.) If you are bringing in this income because you have many bills and debt - Pay Those off ASAP w/ the free money/passive income you are earning.  This only helps one becoming financially free from this stress burden.

2.) Purchase stocks, preferably a stock that is in line with your goals. Ex: If your goal is to receive income quarterly/annually from that stock, then purchase a dividend yielding stock.  or - Ex: If your goal is to hold and save until a later date, buy an index mutual fund of some sort.  I am not a financial advisor or a planner, but these are what some can do.

3.) Place them BACK into your online business.  Purchase ads or reinvest them to sites such as Neobux, do priced offers on Fusion Cash to receive higher payouts, purchase ad space on websites such as Link Referral.  The return is usually always far greater than what it costs.

4.) Save it.  Save it for an emergency fund of some sort.  I recommend checking out my Bank Bonuses and Deals blog to see what banks are giving out to have you as a customer.  This is nice to have for any tragic situation, if one were to occur.

5.) For the Student: College Tuition and Books.  There is nothing better than receiving books for free and finding crazy ways to help fund your tuition.  I am using my funds from Fusion Cash and Inbox dollars to help purchase books and pay for a few credit hours.  Gotta love it!

These are just 5 little ways of being able to use the money that we are receiving from online sources.  What you do is your business, I simply am just describing ways that are very productive and can relieve stress and worry from your mind and shoulders.   I am curious, what does everyone do with their earnings?  Spend it? Save it? Place it in their investment plan?  Please, please post below!  Have a great monday all!

-Lanny B.

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