Monday, August 16, 2010

July Quick Earnings Report 2010

  Fusion Cash $19.73
  Treasure Trooper $4.00
  eHow Earnings   $0.27
  ReadBud $13.74
  Inbox Dollars $4.21
  Cash Crate $0.95
  FireHow $0.13
  NeoBux $2.50
  Amazon Sales $13.91
  Swagbucks $25.00
  Big Crumbs $8.53
  People String $0.90
  Cashle $0.01
  SendEarnings $2.66
  ClixSense $2.69
  OnBux $1.42
     Total $100.65
  Amaz. Shipping    $5.14
  NeoBux Fees $1.20
     Total $6.34
Net Income $94.31

As you can see I crossed the $100 in Revenues for the Month of July!  Felt GREAT to be back over the triple digit mark for the month.  Some fees that went along with getting referrals and shipping books, but it is all good!  August has been a sub-par month so far, but I have 14 days left to increase my figures, so I will go all out!  As you can see ReadBud, FusionCash and SwagBucks were big money makers for me today and I suggest/recommend any online income user here to definitely sign up for those via my links and start earning.  I have posts on all 3 that describes them, but you can also email/message/comment if you need any help!  Good Luck!  This has been a quick post as life has been hectic and I apologize for neglecting my postings for the prior 2 months.  I hope everyone's summer has gone extremely well and you are all bettering yourselves each and every day!

-Lanny B

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