Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Payment from Fusion Cash!

Hey Everyone! ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to briefly share with everyone that I received another payment from Fusion Cash in the amount of $45.24.  Here is a picture of Payment.  I am just extremely happy with that source of cash, because it is so consistent, easy and fast.  For other payments go Here.

I instantly receive it directly to paypal.  My new goal with my online earnings is to use that as another investment tool by purchasing dividend yielding stocks (another source of cash flow).  This is because I am buying assets that produce cash and that is my overall goal.  To develop more income streams from other income streams!  Also - I may use some of my funding from online to purchase option contracts, because I have taken classes on them and my friend from High School has been extremely excited about the potential profits from that.

Either which way - if you haven't signed up for Fusion Cash, please do so ASAP!  You receive $5 for signing up and it's a great way to build a passive income stream.  You can use this passive income stream to purchase others mean of cash flow via assets such as stocks, real estate, etc. - assets that can produce cash flow and have room for appreciation is key.  Sign up Here if you'd like and start earning the money!

-Lanny B.

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