Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Have Cashed out on Readbud

Hey Everyone,

I have officially cashed out over the $50 threshold on Readbud.  If you all remember my Readbud Review post, it is a way where you click and read articles and get paid a little bid for reading each one.  It is fairly easy to gain on this website, as daily there are articles.  I will post payment as soon as it comes through, states that it takes 30 days.

I have come to realize how Readbud operates.
-If you are under a certain amount, say $20, you receive a huge load of articles per day, almost to the point where it is extremely easy to make $3-$5 per day from just articles alone.
-However, if you are over the $20/$25 mark, you will begin to receive less and less articles per day, which makes it take a little bit longer to reach the $50 threshold
-Once you are over $40, articles are extremely scarce.  You may receive 2-3 articles per day, which at that pace would typically take a few more weeks just to make it to $50, as articles range from $.03 - $.15.

I still do highly recommend checking out Readbud, as it is a free site to join and an easy way to earn some pocket cash on the side of other online income sources.  I have 4 referrals on there, that are currently at around $30-$40, which I will receive $5 once they reach the $50 threshold and cash out.  That is a great way to help in your passive income journey!

Thank you and Enjoy!

-Lanny B.

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